Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion & Underwear Questions!

Hello my friends, I had an article in the Huffington Post again this week titled "Do You Hate Homoerotic Art? Is It the Art or Is It You?". Please click here to read and let me know what you think.

Here is my blog interview with RENTBOY.COM, anticipating my appearance this Friday night in New York at the "Hookie" Awards. As my cousin Christopher says: "David, you're so broadminded." To say the least.

Now on to fashion:

It seems that even if models are getting more mature and less boyish they are not getting any less slim. This is actor Eddie Redmayne from the new Burberry campaign. Did you see him in “My Week with Marilyn?” I liked that new movie a lot. His appeal is quite narrow but very individual. And I think this Burberry look kind of has it. The narrow dark suit, a narrow tie. It’s English so of course there is an umbrella, dark raincoat and the largish case. I think he has a briefcase and another smaller bag concealed under the raincoat. I think the largish one is plenty. I also don’t think you need the breast pocket hankerchief. In my heyday I would wear one once in a while but I think it’s more for the upper levels of being well dressed. A party, a wedding, a theater evening out. You don’t need it for the office. This is an excellent look which you don’t need to vary much for work.

Also, the new straight hair up. I really like this. Maybe after all these years the Elvis influence is seeping into the adult male world and out of show business. For some reason most men look more handsome with their hair making them look taller. I can’t explain it but I’m all for it. Go for it.

Dear David,
When I spend the night with someone and have to go back to the office wearing the same thing, I can handle putting the same socks back on but not the underwear. What do you do?
~Knight Out

Dear Knight,
Are you suggesting I spend the night out? Well, I have. Can’t you borrow a clean pair of underpants from your host? Or buy some on the way to work and change in the bathroom? Or just leave them off. Back in the 1960’s they used to say that no nice person wore underwear.

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