Monday, May 7, 2012

Can I fall in love with a "Rentboy"?

Dear David,
I was at the Hookie Awards in New York about a month ago. They are the awards sponsored by to select the top fifteen male escort "Rentboys" in the world. They were held in Roseland and about a thousand men were there. You never saw so much bare butt in your life! Anyway, I met a guy who was wearing nothing but a harness and we snookled around a little and actually think we both felt something beyond sex.

Since then we have kept in touch and I would like to invite him to visit me in my hometown. But on the other hand I say to myself, "This is a rentboy. Get real!" What do you think?
~Half in Love

Dear Half in Love,
Go for it! We probably have that "I could really love this person" about six times in our lives. Maximum. It's your bodies calling out to each other. Whether your personalities click or not really isn't important. You're not looking for a roommate. Please report back.

Please note: The Sean Dorsey Dance Company with be at The Colony Theater on Lincoln Road (Miami Beach) next Saturday night May 12th at 8pm. I will be there, and so should you! One of San Francisco's best dance troupe's. Male nudity. You have been warned! Please click here for tickets.

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