Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spicing things up here at David's Gay Dish!

Hello my darlings! We are spicing things up here at David's Gay Dish. I am going to post a few times a week instead of everyday and focus on those posts being more interesting and still answer questions as they come in. So if you have a love, life or career question please email: davidsgaydish@gmail.com.


There are few films I want to see as I always find my own life more interesting. I sit in the theater and think, "Why am I here, my life is more interesting than this!" But I did want to see Blue Jasmine to see the clothes. According to the New York Times Woody Allen gave the stylist a budget of $35,000 to dress Cate Blanchett in French Couture. A Hermes bag costs more than that but the stylist did it. Everyone loaned things and the clothes were excellent. She repeated them a lot and you got the feeling of someone down on their luck wearing clothes from a better time over and over again. The casting and performances were great but I came away sort of deflated as the central character really never gets it together. And the plot depends greatly on an unexpected meeting in front of a jewelry store. I like reality. Life rarely hinges on an unexpected meeting at a jewelry store. That's a forced plot device that makes you think immediately, "This isn't real."

Walking the dog this morning I wondered if there is a social world for Mrs. and Mrs. Woody Allen. He married his adopted daughter. What do you chat about with someone whose wife used to be their daughter?!

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  1. I have never really deeply connected with Woody Allen films. I just don't respond. My brother Glenn thinks that this means we are not really blood relatives. I can't help it. I think your comment - "forced plot device" may be the reason his films do not resonate for me.