Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Keep Your Hair & Relieve Back Pain ~ Video

Tips on how to relieve back pain as well as how to keep your hair. Meditating every morning can help relieve back pain, and if you want to keep your hair stand on your head everyday, blood goes to your head and stimulates the hair follicles. Please click on the video above and I will show you how.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Did God Invent Sailors?

I had a call this morning from one of my lady blog followers. I have quite a few. She wanted to know, "Whey did God invent sailors?" This answer is for my great pal, Mary K. You will hear more from her.

God invented sailors so there are some men who aren't getting enough sex and are broad-minded about whom they are having sex with.

There is an old English saying, "All cats are gray in the dark." I think a sailor must have said it first.

And Mary, you are living in a port city. How lucky we are.

I'm including this photograph which I found in an Italian fashion magazine. If you were wondering what "sexy" was, this is it:

I also have a comment from a blog follower that I do not have enough gossip. Being blond, I have always felt gossip was more of a brunette specialty. But I am surprised from time to time when I find people who don't seem to know what has gone on in the background of lots of popular entertainers' pasts. I will try to dig in memory and see if I can surprise you.

(Brad Pitt photo via
For instance, Brad Pitt. He lived in Amsterdam for a while before going to Hollywood. That is not a town famous for heterosexuality.

Barry Diller & Diane von Furstenberg photo via
(Barry Diller, big TV honcho and famous for all-male parties in Hollywood, married the designer Dian von Furstenberg and the press now handles them as a real married couple. Everyone seems very timid about discussing this bizarre coupling.

Why does no one even discuss some of these weird marriages like Matt Damon married to a script girl, Matthew McConaghy married to a model and George Clooney with a seemingly endless series of girlfriends who live vaguely in Las Vegas. This is exactly the same stuff as when Rock Hudson got married (she was a script girl) years ago because the studio demanded it. What I think is even more interesting is how the press never goes near any of this. Or am I just not reading in the right places?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

David Gandy ~ Handsomest Man in the World

I am starting a weekly "Handsomest Man in the World" selection. This week is David Gandy. Important English model in Europe. Not a skinny kid. Please let me have your reactions and suggestions. I read that he is suppose to be considered for one of those gladiator movies.

Click here for more gorgeous photos of David Gandy.

(3 photos above via David Gandy for Vogue Hommes International)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dish on Fashion

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Here's our fashion direction for this week:

I don't like to endorse anyone but this Ermengilda Zenga blazer is short and tight and looks great. Also, please note the swept up front hair. I think this looks good on most guys and makes them taller.

A very good blue jean Manuel Ritz jacket. Love it.

This is the new shorter jacket looking good on an older guy...but I'm not sure about the rolled up pants. I think it makes you look a little to desperately interested in fashion instead of cool.

I love this Hugo Boss little black jacket with your sleeves protruding. I think Hugo Boss is looked on as a kind of conservative but I find the Boss clothes are not madly expensive, always fit very well, have good fabric and make you look good.

Everybody is pushing bright solid color for this summer which I think is really hard on you unless you are a very dark brunette. However this outfit looks really good. This is a Prada jacket which means insanely expensive and you shouldn't spend the money but the look is right. If you're going to spend the money go to Jil Sander. Always the best.

This white outfit is really the look of looks if you've got the nerve and are skinny enough. The pajama-style shirt, the little jacket, the floppy pants, which I like better than tight with rolled up bottoms. Plus the sandals, the big bag and the sunglasses. It is all here. Of have to be gay. I even like the flat hair instead of a pushed up pompadour.

Here's an example of pushed up hair. I love it, but will it stay there all evening? Good look, too. Tom Ford, which none of us can afford. Unfortunately by the time men can afford these kinds of clothing they no longer have the body. They have to buy them for their younger lover. And then the younger lover looks funny because everyone knows he can't afford these kinds of clothes. It's a lose-lose situation.

Here's the new look for women on Tilda Swinton. I think this is really what chic is about. Not all this odds and ends stuff that makes a woman look ratty instead of elegant. More on women's fashion next week...

Monday, April 25, 2011

You Are In A Relationship When...

Dear David's Gay Dish,
I have been seeing the same man for over 6 months. As far as I can tell our relationship is monogamous. How can I tell if I am in a relationship or not? I know if I ask he will not want to discuss it.
~Tell Me

Dear Tell Me,
You are in a relationship when:
1. He leaves his underwear on the bedroom floor for you to throw in the laundry basket.

2. Ditto wet towels on the bathroom floor.

3. Ditto dishes in the sink. For you to wash. Not to throw laundry in the basket.

4. When he's coming over in the evening he calls to see if you have eaten yet.

5. Big step forward. He offers to bring you something instead of going out.

6. When he is no longer careful about splitting restaurant bills, movie tickets, etc. Often pays for you without mentioning it. As you do for him.

7. Spends money on you. The more they spend the more they care. If he does NOT spend money on you you do not have a relationship. If you always pay, forget it. It is not going to happen. You may have something but it is not a relationship.

He breaks wind in bed. And laughs.

9. He kisses you on the mouth with enthusiasm.

10. He calls you from the office when he is a little down to cheer him up. And you do.

11. If you have most of these you are in good shape. Which does not mean you will be together for the next twenty years. And in many cases you can thank your lucky stars for this in retrospect.

(Photo via

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boyfriend? ~ How to Be Gay in the 21st Century ~ Video

I answer a reader's question about his boyfriend troubles, click the video above and find out if you can relate...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet Mannish Men!

Dear David's Gay Dish,
I am sort of giving up on meeting someone online. I am getting the impression that this online stuff is just to get laid. As quickly as possible. I am interested in something more than a little activity that is just one step up from masturbation, as you said in one of your blog posts last week. Do you have any ideas?
~Fed Up with Online

Dear Fed-erico,
I am going to give you the same advice I give to my female friends. You need to meet men somewhere that you get a chance to size them up a little before you decide you want to know them better. And I think that is in night school. And as I tell my gal pals, that a course like automobile repair or plumbing or carpentry. It won't interest you at all but mannish men will be there, and ten percent are supposed to be gay according to statistics. Please do this and report back to me. I think we're on to something here...

(Top Gear host James May photographed by Anthony Reginato)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Should You Pick Men Up at the Grocery Store?

Dear Dish, Dear David,
I don't think I come under the heading of "aging" as I am in my mid-forties, reasonably fit, well-dressed, quite gainfully employed. Recently I have decided to be a little more aggressive and when I meet young men at the supermarket or at parties I give them my card. No one ever calls me back. I'm beginning to get depressed.
~Still Not Over the Hill

Dear Hilly,
I think it is because you are too much on top of the hill, did you ever think of that? You are probably so swell when you meet that young, underpaid guy at the Publix that he automatically thinks you are out of his league. I suggest you go to more expensive parties and exchange cards with people at the Bal Harbor Mall here in Miami. You're doing the right thing. Just don't underestimate yourself.

(Photo via


I am hosting 2 evenings of singalong for the Sound of Music at the Manor in Fort Lauderdale April 29th & having an "Ab Fab Yard Sale" on April 30th. Mark your calendars, more details to come.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David's Gay Dish ~ Street Makeover #1

Dear David's Gay Dish,
Someone told me that you are thinking of having blog entries where you have just stopped someone on the street and told them they needed a makeover and just done it.
~Makeover Minded

Dear Makeover Minded,
How's this?

For under $150.00. New wardrobe is from the great Sobe Thrifty on Alton Road in Miami Beach.


I am hosting 2 evenings of singalong for the Sound of Music at the Manor in Fort Lauderdale April 29th & having an "Ab Fab Yard Sale" on April 30th. Mark your calendars, more details to come.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Brownies, Cookies, Ice Cream...Oh My!

Dear D.G.D.,
My boyfriend and I get along except for one thing. I am a trainer and I have to keep fit and avoid junk food. Unfortunately I love it but can resist it if it isn't in the house in front of my eyes. My boyfriend is much less likely to gain weight than I am and buys all the fatal stuff all the time. Our kitchen is full of potato chips, brownies, cookies, ice cream - you name it. I have tried to explain many times that I don't want him to do this but it doesn't do any good. Despite myself, I get up in the night and dip oreo cookies into peanut butter. Help me!
~Frustrated Food Feuder

Dear Triple-F,
This is not an uncommon problem, especially between older men and their younger lovers. The younger lover chows down and the older guy gets fat. And the younger lover leaves him. As I have said, beauty is everything, unfortunately.

After much pondering, here's my solution. Get a separate refrigerator (it can be small) and cupboard for yourself. This is your territory, forbidden to him. And his refrigerator and cupboard is forbidden to you. You never go there. If necessary put signs like "No, No, Nanette" on them. You do not eat there. Everything in them is poison. At least that will help you realize how extreme it is when you lose your self-discipline. Maybe put pictures of fat people on them, too.

I always remind my friends, "As you're reaching for that oreo just imagine two pounds of raw hamburger on the kitchen table. That's a whole lots of bulk, and that's only two pounds." I hope this helps. At least it will keeps visual drama in front of your boyfriend and maybe it will sink in.


Thank-you to everyone who came to my booksigning last Friday night at Bar 721. I met some great people. Here are a few photos from the event:

My table of books shown above, visit my website if you would like to purchase one for you or your friends. They make great gifts.

Talking with blog readers who needed advice


Also my darlings, I am hosting 2 evenings of singalong for the Sound of Music at the Manor in Fort Lauderdale April 29th & having an "Ab Fab Yard Sale" on April 30th. Stay tuned for more details! :)

(2 Guys Eating Cake Photo via Pringles of Scotland)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Skincare & More ~ How to Be Gay in the 21st Century ~ Video

Tonight, Tonight! I will be at Bar 721. Drop in. Bring your friends. Get your book signed. Tell me your problems.

Bar 721 is located at 721 Lincoln Lane, just north of Lincoln Road off Meridian towards the beach.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What to Do About Aging...

Dear David,
I'm getting older and I don't like it at all. What are you doing about it?
~Old Fart

Dear Old Fart,
I love your pen name. It means you are not taking yourself too seriously. Okay, here is some of what is in my book "How to Be Gay in the 21st Century":

1. Laughable Loves. Please don't be getting crushes on younger men you can only long for. "I think the waiter likes me." Please.

2. Pornography. I learned this strangely from an interview with the famous architect Buckminster Fuller. Essential as you get older. You need variety to get excited. Do not be ashamed of this in any way.

3. Don't Embarass Yourself. Remember the things you noticed about older men when you were a younger man. No combovers, toupees, you can color your hair but go to a good hairdresser and have an expert job.

4. Loneliness. Just think of someone who is lonelier than you are and do something about it. Not necessarily another man. People in retirement homes, orphans, single women friends. Don't pay attention to someone who might be a potential love interest. Hidden agendas can backfire on you. And then you are even lonelier.

5. Hang Around with Younger People. We have a tendency to pick up mannerisms and style from our peer group. You really have no trouble getting in and out of cars. You don't slump. Stick with younger people and act like them.

I am at Bar 721 tomorrow night. Drop in. It's at 721 Lincoln Lane just north of Lincoln Road off Meridian towards the beach.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Dish on Drag

Dear David,
What do you think about drag?

Dear Dragonetta,
You had to ask. You surely know that I have a cabaret persona as Gilda Lilly, a second-tier Hollywood celebrity of days gone by. I think doing drag is a slippery path. You can always look about twenty years younger in drag. There is that. But I think you can do it for Halloween, on stage, special party. But leave it at that. Because soon you will want to wear artificial fingernails, high heels and a girdle.

I used to think that if a man wanted a woman there were plenty of real ones around. Now I have learned that the tranny-chasers want a man in a dress. But finally you are playing a role. You are not going to be a real person to Chaz the Chaser. It really doesn't lead anywhere to get into drag. Because you are looking for love, not pretense. Aren't you?

Remember, remember, remember. I will be at Bar 721 This Friday evening April 15th from 7-10. I want to hear everyone's contributions to my blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disappointed Romantic

Dear David,
I have taken your advice and am pursuing romance instead of one-night stands. This last week I went out to a small nightclub across from where I live in Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale. I ran into a younger man who seemed to like me. We went dancing a bit at a nearby club. Walked down the street hand-in-hand to my place and had a sexual encounter.

Here is my problem. He was just coming off a 16 year relationship. I don't like, or should I say, I find it difficult to have sex with these long-term relationship men as that have a very programmed idea of what they want to do sexually. It is what they have been doing for years. It usually isn't what I want to do. I found romance but it wasn't the romance I wanted. What should I do?
~Disappointed Romantic

Please D.R.,
Do not give up hope. Here's what I recommend. Do what they want to do. That's what I do. You are just getting the relationship off the ground. Sex clash by sex clash you will start doing things you want to do also. It is better to give than to receive you know.

I think for a lot of gay men the one-night stand is just a little step up from masturbation. Their partner is sort of like a breathing life-size Ken doll. You have to get past that. You are in bed with your clothes off with another person. Now, of course, if you don't like that other person when you get to know them you can always just get up, get dressed and get out of there.

Don't forget
I will be at Bar 721 this Friday April 15th from 7-10pm. Tell your friends~

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rules of Fashion

Dear David,
Your blog last week on fashion was great. Tell me more. I am gay but seem to have that special fashion gene left out of my personality. Since you talked about inappropriate shorts I am worried that everything I wear is inappropriate.
~Fashion Out-Of-It

Dear Fashion Braveheart,
At least you know what you don't know. Here are some tips:

1. Dress Plain. Do not wear too much stuff. If you are over forty, please, no jeans unless you are painting the house. Khakis are always good. To dress up, grey flannel pants. A blazer is a must. Blue is always better than brown. You've heard me tell you that before.

2. Good Shoes. A must. You should always mix up your look with at least one expensive item so people know that you know how to dress. If nothing else, the shoes. A good pair of brown oxfords is easy and always excellent. Again, I think after 40 you should only wear sneakers and sport shoes when you're playing the sport. You will always look younger not calling attention to the fact you are wearing clothes too young for you.

3. No Fur Coats. I don't care how rich your are. Don't ever wear a fur coat. Not for the animals but for you. Babe Paley said, "Furs make you look ten years older than you are." This is all about you.

4. No tight Clothes. I don't care how in shape you are. Even if you are young and have a great body. Let the muscles be a surprise. People can tell you have a great body in there. Surprise them with just how great it is later. Displayinh your body always looks a little bit desperate.

5. Jewelry. If you're not sure, avoid it. Neck chains are kind of out unless you want to be beaten or beat somebody up as far as I am concerned. You can wear a silver bracelet and I prefer it on the same wrist with your watch. It is for you, not for display.

Rings I don't really get unless it is a wedding band. A big brooch in the evening is quite okay and I think is a coming trend. On a jacket lapel. Not on your shirt.

Visit Bar 721 this Friday April 15th at 7pm so I can meet you. It's Gay Pride weekend so you will be out and around surely. Stop by and bring your friends!

{Photo via}

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thoughts on Aging ~ How to Be Gay in the 21st Century ~ Video

And please don't forget...I will be appearing at Bar 721 in Miami Beach on Friday April 15, 2011 at 7 pm. It is to promote my new book "How to Be Gay in the 21st Century." But also I will have a table and chair and I want to talk to people about their problems. Sexual. Fashion. Family. Work. You name it. For my blog. Try to come! Bar 721 is at 721 Lincoln Lane (in the first block east of Meridian, north of Lincoln Road). Click here for their website. Try to come, and bring your friends!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Dear D.G.D.,
I am a blond. I still have my hair. Some of the rest has headed south. I have always enjoyed being in demand but I feel it is all slipping a bit. Your advice?
~Blonde On A Bummer

Dear Bummed Out,
Your own letter is telling you what to do. Go south. My great friend Jean Ann told me years ago, "As they get older blondes must go south." This is true of blond men as blond ladies. Try Miami. This is basically a Latin-American city, the connection point between North and South America. Bilingual and packed with handsome men.

And from there you can venture further south to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. I maintain a home in Montevideo, Uruguay. The only city I know with as many handsome men as there are in Miami.

Last year I went to Tierra de Fuego, the jumping off point for Antartica. They were crazy about me. Give it a go.

As well all know, the idea that blondes are frigid is just a lot of brunette gossip. The Latin Americans know that also. Best of luck.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What to Wear, Going Commando, & Other Fashion Talk

Monday's fashion inquiry kind of got me going on the subject of current men's fashion. Women's fashion right now is all helter-skelter and bits and pieces. If I was a woman I would hardly know what to wear. The ridiculous high heels that make women so vulnerable I have mentioned before. I this period is a lot like the period immediately before World War I when everything was sort of scarves and ruffles and this pinned here and that dropping there. Not that I am suggesting that a war is looming. Though a big stand-off between Christianity and Islam is long overdue. They have been waiting fo a return match since the Crusades. You laugh but it's true if you've ever toured the Near East.

But men's fashion goes on in its unexciting way, little changes since the upper classes stopped wearing knee britches and began wearing long pants right after Napoleon. I think the best looks today are just shorter tighter versions of the jacket, pants and tie of the period now almost two hundred years ago.

Fashion movement in menswear is much slower than in women's fashion. Slowly, what is businesswear in one generation becomes evening wear in another. Hence the evening tails, once worn as dayware long ago. The tuxedo has replaces tails pretty much, daywear at the time of the Civil War. Tweed suits have become business wear. Sportswear long ago. Yes, sportswear moves up to be businesswear. Right now we see the suit and tie evolving into evening wear and jeans and t-shirts becoming business wear.

Hear are some looks I think are good. The little tight jacket is good. It makes you look younger:

The white jacket over striped or dark t-shirt and dark pants is kind if new looking and good. The scarf in yellow looks good here and reasonable:

The big scarf looks good but it is really pretty feminine, even on a metrosexual:

I kind of this all white looks good. But only in warm weather. Good all the time here in Miami. Not in New York in January:

And here are some new looks you can avoid entirely. I cannot imagine anyone not being overwhelmed by the color and patterns. I don't think there is a personality strong enough to rise above the look:

Check Chris Rock in purple. Is that a big winkie I see there?

Is the no underwear for men under gym pants going to be the equivalent of deep cleavage for women? I am took this look is called "going commando." Please tell me.

Please don't forget I am at Bar 721 in Miami Beach Friday April 15th from 7-10pm.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dating & Decorating

Dear David,
My boyfriend and I have just moved into a new apartment. We both have good taste and decorate well but unfortunately our taste is quite different. He is French Country. I am stripped down modern. Should I just surrender and let him decorate to avoid the kind of quarrels that can damage our relationship? Or demand my equal rights?
~What To Do?

Dear What To Do,
I know, I know, I know. At least you are lucky that you are overloaded with tastemakers. Most gay couples have one and he does it all. And many have no taste on either side and live as though they are still graduate students somewhere with lots of stuff piled here and there and the bed always unmade.

Here's what I suggest. Although I have to admit that when I have lived with someone I always forced my decor upon them. Fortunately I seem to attract guy's guys who don't want to discuss fabrics. But what you can do is each have your own rooms to decorate. If he gets the bedroom you get the living room. There's a guest bedroom? Let him do it as a bonus. And you get the kitchen and bathroom, which better suits your style. Even more rooms? Keep dividing them up. Listen, you'll be asleep or the lights will be off in the bedroom most of the time anyway. You're getting the best of the deal...

Don't forget I will be appearing at Bar 721 in Miami Beach on Friday April 15, 2011 from 7-10pm. Try to come, and bring your friends!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dressing Your Age

Dear David,
I’m getting ready to go to my 30th high school class reunion in Puerto Rico. It would be the first one I’ve ever attended. I must look my best. I looked at Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion, What I learned from the movie was to have better boyfriends and jobs than everyone else. They claimed to have invented post-its. I was thinking about claiming I invented Facebook, but that darn movie blew my story. I could use more tips. It’s a tropical setting so bear in mind elegance and heat.
~Frantic but fabulous

Dear Double F,
If you are attending a high school reunion for the first time you must project success. Do not concern yourself with looking as much as possible as you once did. Just look like you've got it together. Wear an expensive looking blazer. Maybe warm-weather pants; good quality chinos so you don't look too expensively turned out. A white shirt because after a certain age we all need white around the face and I have a feeling you have reached that certain age. Most important, good shoes. You can wear brown loafers but if you have to spend some money to get ready for this event, spend it here. Shoes are always the giveaway. You need one more thing to suggest your well-being. A very good watch or a not-too-flashy pocket hankerchief to suggest you live in a world where people know that is going on in fashion. As we all know, Coco Chanel said, "Get dressed and just before you go out look in the mirror and take off one thing. I think she also said, "Elegance is refusal." What I suggest as your look has already refused a lot of other possibilities. You do not need to take off one thing.

I will be appearing at Bar 721 in Miami Beach on Friday April 15, 2011 at 7 pm. It is to promote my new book "How to Be Gay in the 21st Century." But also I will have a table and chair and I want to talk to people about their problems. Sexual. Fashion. Family. Work. You name it. For my blog. Try to come! Bar 721 is at 721 Lincoln Lane (in the first block east of Meridian north of Lincoln Road. Click here for their website. Try to come, and bring your friends!