Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What to Wear, Going Commando, & Other Fashion Talk

Monday's fashion inquiry kind of got me going on the subject of current men's fashion. Women's fashion right now is all helter-skelter and bits and pieces. If I was a woman I would hardly know what to wear. The ridiculous high heels that make women so vulnerable I have mentioned before. I this period is a lot like the period immediately before World War I when everything was sort of scarves and ruffles and this pinned here and that dropping there. Not that I am suggesting that a war is looming. Though a big stand-off between Christianity and Islam is long overdue. They have been waiting fo a return match since the Crusades. You laugh but it's true if you've ever toured the Near East.

But men's fashion goes on in its unexciting way, little changes since the upper classes stopped wearing knee britches and began wearing long pants right after Napoleon. I think the best looks today are just shorter tighter versions of the jacket, pants and tie of the period now almost two hundred years ago.

Fashion movement in menswear is much slower than in women's fashion. Slowly, what is businesswear in one generation becomes evening wear in another. Hence the evening tails, once worn as dayware long ago. The tuxedo has replaces tails pretty much, daywear at the time of the Civil War. Tweed suits have become business wear. Sportswear long ago. Yes, sportswear moves up to be businesswear. Right now we see the suit and tie evolving into evening wear and jeans and t-shirts becoming business wear.

Hear are some looks I think are good. The little tight jacket is good. It makes you look younger:

The white jacket over striped or dark t-shirt and dark pants is kind if new looking and good. The scarf in yellow looks good here and reasonable:

The big scarf looks good but it is really pretty feminine, even on a metrosexual:

I kind of this all white looks good. But only in warm weather. Good all the time here in Miami. Not in New York in January:

And here are some new looks you can avoid entirely. I cannot imagine anyone not being overwhelmed by the color and patterns. I don't think there is a personality strong enough to rise above the look:

Check Chris Rock in purple. Is that a big winkie I see there?

Is the no underwear for men under gym pants going to be the equivalent of deep cleavage for women? I am took this look is called "going commando." Please tell me.

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  1. I love going commando under sweats and shorts, it feels good. It also allows for the male form to be accentuated. It is how and what we are, why hide it or tape it down. Women wear clothes that accentuate their form, men can do the same, not crude or vulgar, just how we were made.