Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Should You Pick Men Up at the Grocery Store?

Dear Dish, Dear David,
I don't think I come under the heading of "aging" as I am in my mid-forties, reasonably fit, well-dressed, quite gainfully employed. Recently I have decided to be a little more aggressive and when I meet young men at the supermarket or at parties I give them my card. No one ever calls me back. I'm beginning to get depressed.
~Still Not Over the Hill

Dear Hilly,
I think it is because you are too much on top of the hill, did you ever think of that? You are probably so swell when you meet that young, underpaid guy at the Publix that he automatically thinks you are out of his league. I suggest you go to more expensive parties and exchange cards with people at the Bal Harbor Mall here in Miami. You're doing the right thing. Just don't underestimate yourself.

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I am hosting 2 evenings of singalong for the Sound of Music at the Manor in Fort Lauderdale April 29th & having an "Ab Fab Yard Sale" on April 30th. Mark your calendars, more details to come.

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