Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Did God Invent Sailors?

I had a call this morning from one of my lady blog followers. I have quite a few. She wanted to know, "Whey did God invent sailors?" This answer is for my great pal, Mary K. You will hear more from her.

God invented sailors so there are some men who aren't getting enough sex and are broad-minded about whom they are having sex with.

There is an old English saying, "All cats are gray in the dark." I think a sailor must have said it first.

And Mary, you are living in a port city. How lucky we are.

I'm including this photograph which I found in an Italian fashion magazine. If you were wondering what "sexy" was, this is it:

I also have a comment from a blog follower that I do not have enough gossip. Being blond, I have always felt gossip was more of a brunette specialty. But I am surprised from time to time when I find people who don't seem to know what has gone on in the background of lots of popular entertainers' pasts. I will try to dig in memory and see if I can surprise you.

(Brad Pitt photo via
For instance, Brad Pitt. He lived in Amsterdam for a while before going to Hollywood. That is not a town famous for heterosexuality.

Barry Diller & Diane von Furstenberg photo via
(Barry Diller, big TV honcho and famous for all-male parties in Hollywood, married the designer Dian von Furstenberg and the press now handles them as a real married couple. Everyone seems very timid about discussing this bizarre coupling.

Why does no one even discuss some of these weird marriages like Matt Damon married to a script girl, Matthew McConaghy married to a model and George Clooney with a seemingly endless series of girlfriends who live vaguely in Las Vegas. This is exactly the same stuff as when Rock Hudson got married (she was a script girl) years ago because the studio demanded it. What I think is even more interesting is how the press never goes near any of this. Or am I just not reading in the right places?

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