Friday, June 28, 2013

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 78

Happy Friday my darlings! Today I'm talking Rentboy: The Musical and all the wonderful things happening.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Handsomest Man in the World ~ The Kraft Zesty Italian guy

Oh golly. Who should be Handsomest Man in the World this week? Ill give you this guy from the really zippy ad for Kraft Zesty Italian dressing. Really nice ad, huh?


Dear David,
I bought your new novel "The Beauty of Men Never Dies" and enjoyed it a lot. However, I wonder how you can tell the very intimate details of your private life like that? Aren't you embarrassed?
~Private I

Dear Private I,
My publishers wanted me to call my new novel " an autobiographical novel." So I could always tell you that it is fiction. But the real reason it doesn't bother me is that no one that knows me ever reads my books. My life is an open book, but they don't open it. Curious, no? And also, I like having no secrets. I can never be blackmailed. I got their first.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

He was a man and I like that in a person...

Dear David,
I find I am kind of stuck with a type of man I prefer. In my case fair, light hair - pretty much Northern European. This leaves a lot of men out of the mix. Anything I can do about this?
~Blonde Attraction

Dear Blonde Attraction,
I always quote Mae West "He was a man and I like that in a person." Being attracted to a type is usually happening when you are younger. After a couple of romantic rounds when should be able to realize you are attracted to the person more than their appearance. Maybe you haven't had enough love affairs. You could do something about this.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 77

Happy Friday my darlings! Today I'm talking about sexuality and homosexuality and what it all means in the 21st century. I think there is a whole spectrum when it comes to sexuality. Also my thoughts on women - I'm all for women!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Henry Cavill

I am sorry but it just had to be Henry Cavill as Handsomest Man in the World. And probably for a lot longer than just this week. I love the reviews of "Superman" that say he has a "pretty face." Please, don't be condescending to the man the whole world is going to be in love with. Mama Mia!

Dear David,
I seem to be able only to fall in love with the men who are handsome. I think this is a failing of mine but don't seem to be able to do anything about it. Am I just a silly, immature person?
~ Fool That I Am

Dear Fool That You Are,
Yes, you probably are a silly, immature person as we all are. If you only fall in love with handsome men and they are falling in love with you, more power to you! We are not attracted to beauty by chance. It promises some kind of better life and I for one am crazy about handsome men too. But once you get one, you have to be a good sport and accept the person that goes along with it. Often lacking in self confidence. Your love can mean alot to them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Help! Summertime is here and I need to lose about ten pounds

Dear David,
Oh my God, summertime is here and I need to lose about ten pounds. What do you do? Help please!!
~Lala Palooza

Dear Lala,
I'll bet you look great even with the ten unwanted pounds. But the best technique is to stop eating when you're not hungry. Even if you leave quite a lot of food on your plate. I find I'm full about halfway through the meal. Just stop there. And skip dessert and no bread. You'll be down rapidly.

At the moment I am doing Shape Lovers, a Miami area food delivery diet regime. Really great. They deliver two meals a day, for a little over $7.00 a meal. You eat nothing else and it's very tasty and filling - protein and vegetables, etc. You'll get stronger and thinner. I highly recommend it!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Is this middle age creeping over me?

Dear David,
Summer is here an I am not at all in the mood to get into a little swimsuit and go to Fire Island. My mood of "been there, done that" is very strong. Is this middle age creeping over me? What's up?
~Feelin' Old

~Dear Feelin',
Listen, if you want to feel middle age creeping over you, Fire Island may be a good place to go. It's so over. Listen, if you've had it with summer routine just get on a plane and go to Buenos Aires in Argentina. It's winter there, my darling. Handsome men rushing by hiding everything they've got in an overcoat. I live part of the year in Montevideo, Uruguay. I may join you.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ David in France!

I'm just back from France! Here is a fun little video of me and my darling friend Misha whom I've know for over 40 years. Happy Friday my darlings!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Matt Terry

A GREAT Handsomest Man in the World this week. A model by the name of Matt Terry. I think you're going to love him, I know I do.

I should add that the level of handsome men here in Miami Beach seems to be bolting upward. Talk about OMG. I see them running on the sidewalk in front of my house - the great bodies and handsome faces are getting pretty dense down here. I'm thinking of selling seats in front of my house!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are here to live fully and completely!

Dear David,
My partner and I are both very active. Both in great shape. We've only been together for 6 months and he doesn't want to have sex anymore. He keeps making excuses. I don't know what I should do. I love him so much. We get along really well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dear S.O.S.,
I am pondering this situation to see what I would do. In my experience, the sex may have become repetitious. I think a lot of gay men do the same thing with a lot of different people. I think the trick is to do a lot of different stuff with the same person. I think you have to pay a lot of attention to him outside the bedroom - have a glass of wine together, ask him about his fantasies, not necessarily sexual. We are here to live fully and completely! Your job is to help him do this. Whatever he's not doing sexually he may want to. I also think that giving him a massage is hard to turn down, which should certainly turn lead to hanky panky. You could study massage a little. You sound like and imaginative person, turn it on!

Monday, June 10, 2013

You have to watch a lot of violence in order to become desensitized to it...

Dear David,
How do you feel about all the violence that seems to be essential in all the big block buster movies and lots of tv shows? I read a funny quote from a cartoon where the character says "You have to watch a lot of violence in order to become desensitized to it."  I don't want to be desensitized to it. It makes me feel like the world is faling apart. How do you feel?
~Fear of Falling

Dear Fear,
Strangely enough - I just had a friend give me a subscription to Entertainment Weekly and I thought: " No one is witty. Everyone is ready to blast their way out of any situation with a gun or a machete." I think it's a lot like the decline of the Roman Empire and the bloody entertainment in the Coliseum in Rome. Our bloody entertainment is fortunately on film, but people seem to need it. I think it's because they're bored and not in danger. They are not in any real trouble in this country so they need to be worded over emotionally. Increasingly so. I should add this is young men for the most part, who do not need to serve in the military. I was brought up when the draft was compulsory. A very different world where entertainment was largely about a safe home life. I must add however I have great confidence in the young people of our country. I don't think they will blindly let their country fall apart. They are much more aware of fairness and kindness than my generation was.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Jonathan Marquez

Here's an exotic model named Jonathan Marquez. What a hot guy! You know how I don't like men with thin lips. Jonathan had a a great mouth. Pretty great all around.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Problems with depression...

Dear David,
I get depressed a lot. Do you ever have that problem? What do you do about it?
~D.D. Youknow

Dear. D. D.,
I do know, although I have to admit I the last time I was depressed was about 1947. But I have friends and relatives who have to struggle with this. Yes it is an emotional and perhaps psychological problem. But i see it linked idrectly with being afraid to get angry. To get angry with parents who neglected you, lovers who don't come through, jobs that don't appreciate you. And you are afraid to confront them because you are afraid of being left alone. I see this perfectly understandable when you are a child. But learning to be alone is the great adult thing you must do. then you can get angry with those parents. Tell them to go to hell...or atleast think about it.

You've got to learn to be alone. Go ahead, get angry with the people that deserve it. It could help your depression and then people will want to be around you.

Monday, June 3, 2013

To cook or not to cook...that is the question

Dear David,
How important do you think it is for a relationship to be able to cook?

Dear Kitchenless,
You know my two rules for a relationship:
1. Don't got to the bathroom together
2. Never eat in

I think most men when they see you in the kitchen immediately envision you as their mother. They may love your cooking but I'm not so sure they are going to follow through in bed. I don't find romance and food have much of an overlap. I would like to hear others opinions on this.