Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are here to live fully and completely!

Dear David,
My partner and I are both very active. Both in great shape. We've only been together for 6 months and he doesn't want to have sex anymore. He keeps making excuses. I don't know what I should do. I love him so much. We get along really well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dear S.O.S.,
I am pondering this situation to see what I would do. In my experience, the sex may have become repetitious. I think a lot of gay men do the same thing with a lot of different people. I think the trick is to do a lot of different stuff with the same person. I think you have to pay a lot of attention to him outside the bedroom - have a glass of wine together, ask him about his fantasies, not necessarily sexual. We are here to live fully and completely! Your job is to help him do this. Whatever he's not doing sexually he may want to. I also think that giving him a massage is hard to turn down, which should certainly turn lead to hanky panky. You could study massage a little. You sound like and imaginative person, turn it on!

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