Friday, September 28, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 54

Welcome to the 54th Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am talking to my artist pals Reniel Diaz and Michael Glidden about parts of the new book I'm writing "100 Things You Should Know for the 21st Century." Gay or straight, man or woman - this book and advice is for all! We hope you enjoy, we had lots of fun and some great laughs.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion Day again...It's kind of a grab bag today

Fashion Day again...It's kind of a grab bag today but I am noticing weirdly enough that they are already showing Spring fashion in New York. Do you even have your Autumn wardrobe? Here's some stuff to mull over:

1. I found this in that magazine Complex I mentioned last week. The beret. With cold winds blowing you really show wear a hat to avoid colds. A lot of heat escapes from your head. I have a suspicion that the beret is back.

2. And then there's the forepiece cap. I think these caps are always good. Kind of very masculine in that Prince Phillip mode. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth once had to cal him back from a tour of South America because he was fooling around with his aide de camp? I thought you'd like to know that. It's gossip...but gossip usually turns out to be based on something.

3. Next Spring. Think about this pink suit with shorts. It takes guts but looks good. I am not sure about the black oxfords.

4. A very 1930's look. Beltless. Scarf at neck. Pretty chic looking.

5. Finally this Tom Ford ad. What gives here? Is Mr. Ford trying to bring back the waistline? Aren't we all? Men posing like Lynda Evangelista make me nervous.


Dear David,
Can I wear brown shoes with a navy blue suit?

Dear Unsure,
I know you want me to say "sure." But the answer is "never."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ model in the New York Times

Do you ever see pictures of someone and think "I could fall in love with this person?" Well, here's a model from the New York Times a couple weeks ago who has it. Handsomest Man in the World definitely today. He could lose the beard. Don't you feel the fire burning inside of him? Probably not...but all of us can dream, can't we?

Dear David,
I am trying to lose weight but I just cannot seem to resist that bread basket on the restaurant table or a bit of dessert. Do you have any ideas?
~Fat N. Ning

Dear Mr. Ning,
I'm assuming it's Mr. (maybe it's Ms.?). In either case, I think of how much weight I want to lose. Five pounds maybe. Then I think of five pounds of hamburger sitting on a plate in front of me. Five pounds of hamburger is a lot! You don't want that around your waist or drooping from your backside do you? It's kills my appetite immediately!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The only thing that bothers me about being gay is...

Dear David,
The only thing that bothers me about being gay is that when I am old there will be no one to take care of me. I think this sounds like a poor reason to get a partner and adopt children but it passes through my mind.
~M.I. Chicken

Dear M.I.,
I don't think you should worry about dying quite yet! May I recommend that you think about living? If you really get out there and live you will get to know a lot of children. You might wind up living in China or adopting a child. Life is full of surprises. Worrying about who will take care of you is the motivation of zillions of people. Please don't. Think more about who you are going to take care of. Get out there. Fall in love!

Monday, September 24, 2012

As Edith Piaf sang, ”Je Ne Regrette Rien"

Dear David,        
I just had a weird phone call from a friend who said that my interest in sex was because of my “carnality” and there was much more to life and that I was unbalanced and living in a kind of dream. What do you think?    
~Sex U. Al

Dear Al,    
I am with you all the way. I think we are here to be fulfilled and we cannot do this without knowing ourselves sexually. We cannot let it carry us away into territory we don’t want to go into, but after all we are living our own lives. Finally, I think we only regret what we did not do. As Edith Piaf sang, ”Je Ne Regrette Rien.” For myself, if I can have a sex life until I am ninety I will have considered myself to have lived a successful life. Does this help?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Long Term Relationship Advice

Happy Friday my darlings! Here is one of my highest viewed videos - my advice on long-term sexual relationships (gay or straight) and how to keep each other interested. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The new wave of dressing

Here is men's fashion direction. I have something really new for you. I ran across a magazine called "Complex" in my doctor's office and I stole it. It is packed with ads for sports shoes, which evidently are key to the new wave of dressing.

It has a lot of red. It has men with long braids. It has kids wearing now ties and bracelets. It has that pulled down knit ski cap look, which we are seeing a lot here in Miami despite the tropical temperatures. We are on the watershed of menswear. You hear me complain that all the suit and tie stuff, despite trying to look new, is really the same old thing of the last 150 years. Well, here's the new direction. Are you ready?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Dolce & Gabbana model

Here he is, your Handsomest Man in the World this week. It's the long haired guy talking to the shaved head guy by the center fold. I love the hair. I love the face. I love the look. This guy could be a movie star. Finally a guy who doesn't look like every other guy, which they all do on TV.

Dear David,
You know all about beauty. My face is beginning to droop. What should I do?

Dear Droopy,
Never wash your face. Water is really tough on your skin. Just step up to a counter like Bobbi brown at a department store and get a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. The cream cleanser will pull off lots of dirt - you will be amazed. The toner restores the chemical balance on your skin - usually some cucumber concoction. And the moisturizer keeps you from drying out. I'm sure you've heard me say this before, but always moisturize your neck. It may be your face someday! I have not washed my face since I was thirty, which was a long time ago. And I am pretty much in place. You should put on a night cream too. It makes alot of difference so you don't dry out at night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He does not like to cuddle...

Dear David,
I have a lover who is great in bed.  But other than during sex he does not want to be touched in bed. He does not like to cuddle, doesn't want to sleep touching my body in any way. There's no snuggling with him. Nor do I get a little hug from time to time. Have you ever run into this? Is there anything that can be done? If I mention it, all he says is "I just don't want to."
~The Uncuddled

Dear Uncuddled,
It's tough. I have encountered this. Not personally. Fortunately I have usually had a "hands on" type in tow. I once worked with a famous male model who discussed this. He woke up immediately if anyone touched him while he was sleeping and couldn't go back to sleep in contact with another body. Somewhere deep down it probably has to do with feeling guilty about being homosexual. Or maybe about needing anyone else? Needing someone may make that person feel weak and not able to deal with life. That's my guess. As always, I suggest massage. They are awake, you are in touch with each other. Frequent massage may get him accustomed to another person's body in contact with his own when it doesn't involve sex.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nature & the 21st Century

Today I want to call attention to a new book "The Spine of the Continent" by my friend Mary Ellen Hannibal. It is a very intense book facing the fact that as we swarm over this continent with our highways, bigger and bigger cities and digging, fencing, etc ~ we are destroying nature. Animals cannot move in their usual patterns, plants have trouble growing, insect and sea life diminish. If it keeps up we will be all alone here on the planet, probably in a fairly short period of time.

Mary Ellen Hannibal is a terrific writer and you are going to learn a lot about our world you didn't know before. It will frighten you. This is the 21st century kids, time to grow up! "The Spine of the Continent" published by Lyons Press - click here to check it out on Amazon. It is a great book.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 53

Welcome to the 53rd Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am talking to my pal Steven about his very interesting and personal coming out story.

Have a wonderful weekend my darlings!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Women's Fashion Day ~ There is a clear direction for autumn!

 It's ladies day today. I have quite a lot of fashion stuff pulled together for you. There is a clear direction for autumn. 

1. Celine. Again, a plaid top, a big black and white scarf, a big black and white bag. This is a great look and you don't have to have expensive Celine to do it

2. Isabel Murant. She is doing this very boyish look but in a new way. Are you skinny enough to get away with this? I have a feeling non gay men will like it and it's kind of a stopper, my darlings. You don't have to do the hair but it looks good. 

3. More Isabel Murant. The wide shouldered coat, shortish tight pants and heels. Add the haircut and you have a real cross dresser look going. From the girls side, you almost owe it to the public to do this.

4. I liked this biggish coat, big skirt, boots and that great knit cap. I think the knit cap when it's big like that with long hair is a very good look. And you'll stay warm too.

5. I don't think the little black sweater is out of the picture. This is a very strict, very correct look. Very chic. The hair I don't get. Please don't.

6. Lastly, a Balmain highly beaded pullover/sweater for evening I would guess. Great. You probably won't find a less expensive copy. Sorry.

7. Lastly, these great earrings. By Arunashi, whom I have never heard of. If I were a woman I would like these very much. There is nothing much I like in dangly earrings but these are terrific. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Renan Oliveria

My favorite day of the week ~ Handsomest Man in the World day! This handsome young man on the cover of South Florida's Hotspots magazine is Renan Oliveria. He is a bartender here in Miami Beach at a place called Score. I think Renan can go somewhere in this world. What do you think? He is definitely Handsomest Man in the World this week.

Dear David,
Sex, sex, sex. That seems to be all people are interested in. Why can't we just forget it?
~Sexed out

Dear Sexed Out,
It isn't that easy. We are programmed to find emotional fulfillment through sexual intercourse as part of our love life. You can't just stuff it down under the couch cushions or it will come right back and bite you. I think a lot of physical and emotional ailments are because people just don't want to face what they really want and need for fulfillment. I think this is the "Let's Face It" century. Sorry to not be telling you it's ok to forget it. It's not.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My boyfriend has...

Dear David,
My new boyfriend has really ugly feet. Otherwise he is great-looking, full of fun, I really like him. But those feet! Sorry to be so superficial but somehow when he has his clothes off that's all I can think about.

Dear Defeeted,
I love your name. Socks my dear! Socks. Get him some white athletic socks - a number of different kinds. that can be your little fashion show when it's bamboola time. And maybe buy him a gift certificate with a pedicutre. This is an easy solution!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What to do...

Dear David,
I had an unusual experience lately. I met a man whom I liked a lot. Good-looking, a really interesting job, great to talk to. We went out and had dinner, planned to meet again. On our second evening we went back to my apartment and went to bed together. It was great until suddenly he pulled back and slapped me in face really hard. That sort of ended the evening.  I really like this guy. Is there any reason to try to move forward with this?
~What to Do

Dear What to Do,
I know. I know. I don't like that kind of stuff either. I would suggest that if you like him enough, you meet again, maybe for lunch. I would just bring it up directly. How committed is he to this kind of sexual activity? Explain that you are not at all. See how he responds. I find the best way to move forward is to bring things out in the open. Love is between two people. It's not about doing specific stuff. See how it goes. Report back.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 52

Welcome to the 52nd Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am talking about my very interesting trip to Arrruuuba!

Have a wonderful weekend my darlings!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Day ~ Knit caps, blue jackets, showing socks & buttcracks?

Lot's of men's fashion for you this week. Women next week. Here are some of the looks for Autumn ahead. Think about the, I know you will resist many of them.

1. Topman has a young man with that knit cap that has been popping up. It looks good with a little jacket and white pants for winter. You can do it.

2. The Billy Reid little blue winter jacket looks good. So much of the menswear looks like retread. You've seen it a million times. This jacket looks different and it's not that far out of your comfort zone. 

3 If you can bear getting out of your comfort zone the Viktor and Rolf little denim jacket under a greenish jacket with a bowtie looks really good. It's dress up and you can look really great in this.

4. We have to think about the cuffs and showing sock. I am definitely all for the cuffs. I think hiked up and showing socks still looks geeky and country. Maybe I will change my mind later. 

5. Armani is showing tight cuffs and pleated fronts. Kind harem pants looks. I don't quite get it but I don't dislike it. Great alligator bag.

6. I will never like it. Maybe because I had to wear my old brother's when I was young.

7. Buttcracks. I see them everywhere. Please no!!!!! Wear pants that fit.


Dear David,
I think someone in my office is interested in me. Much younger and quite sexy. Am I imagining this? I really can't imagine he is.
~Confusion Reigns

Dear Mr. or Ms. Reigns,
Remember this. You are not your own type. I think we all go through this. You think, "I wouldn't be interested in someone like me." That doesn't mean somebody else can't be. This guy could think you're hot. Surely you can go grab a quick lunch and give him a chance to get more personal. If he doesn't, you haven't embarrassed yourself. If he does, lucky you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Stuart Reardon

Now here's a TOP contender for Handsomest Man in the World...British Rugby Fullback, Stuart Reardon. Super muscles, tattoos, dreamy eyes and beautiful photography shot by the one and only David Vance. I've fallen in love. Completely smitten!

To view more photos of Stuart Reardon and more dreamy men, check out David Vance's fabulous blog:

You will not be disappointed my darlings!


Dear David,
I am more and more involved with someone with bad teeth. I know it’s not important but it bothers me. Am I being shallow? What to do?
~The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I always say do not expect your new lover to change. Do not get involved expecting change. It won’t happen. Except for dentistry. That you can do something about. Whatever the cost. You’ll like him better. He will like himself better. So drag him there. Careful. Maybe he will be so hot he’ll be stolen away.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have you ever gotten yourself mixed up...

Dear David, 
Have you ever gotten yourself mixed up with the wrong person for entirely sexual reasons. And regretted it?
~Hovering on the Brink
Dear Hovercraft,
Yes, but in retrospect the sexual reasons were more important than I realized at the time. What you have to do is control the situation. Get what you want and need sexually. Don’t let the other person run you ragged. You can say “no” to unreasonable requests. They aren’t going to go anywhere. I promise you. And looking back I regret nothing. They only thing you should ever regret is not living!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Help! Writers block

Dear David,  
You write a lot of books. I am trying to and I can’t seem to get going. Energize me!
~Book Baffled

Dear Book Baffled,
Listen, here are my rules:
1. Have a specific time when you write. I write from noon to 2:30 p.m. Five days a week when I am doing a book. I can do a page in a half hour. When I get stuck I jump ahead and do the sex parts. I can always do that.

2. Do not rewrite until you are done. Do not rewrite while you are creating. Do it when you are completely finished with the book..

3. Do not rewrite unless it’s necessary. I tell editors, “I’ll rewrite and it will be different but it won’t be any better. You’re thinking of some other writer.”

4. You are done when you have 250 pages. You can write more if you want to  but you don’t need to.

5. If it’s boring don’t write it. It will also bore the reader. They don’t need connective parts. They can imagine it.