Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Day ~ Knit caps, blue jackets, showing socks & buttcracks?

Lot's of men's fashion for you this week. Women next week. Here are some of the looks for Autumn ahead. Think about the, I know you will resist many of them.

1. Topman has a young man with that knit cap that has been popping up. It looks good with a little jacket and white pants for winter. You can do it.

2. The Billy Reid little blue winter jacket looks good. So much of the menswear looks like retread. You've seen it a million times. This jacket looks different and it's not that far out of your comfort zone. 

3 If you can bear getting out of your comfort zone the Viktor and Rolf little denim jacket under a greenish jacket with a bowtie looks really good. It's dress up and you can look really great in this.

4. We have to think about the cuffs and showing sock. I am definitely all for the cuffs. I think hiked up and showing socks still looks geeky and country. Maybe I will change my mind later. 

5. Armani is showing tight cuffs and pleated fronts. Kind harem pants looks. I don't quite get it but I don't dislike it. Great alligator bag.

6. I will never like it. Maybe because I had to wear my old brother's when I was young.

7. Buttcracks. I see them everywhere. Please no!!!!! Wear pants that fit.


Dear David,
I think someone in my office is interested in me. Much younger and quite sexy. Am I imagining this? I really can't imagine he is.
~Confusion Reigns

Dear Mr. or Ms. Reigns,
Remember this. You are not your own type. I think we all go through this. You think, "I wouldn't be interested in someone like me." That doesn't mean somebody else can't be. This guy could think you're hot. Surely you can go grab a quick lunch and give him a chance to get more personal. If he doesn't, you haven't embarrassed yourself. If he does, lucky you!

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