Thursday, September 13, 2012

Women's Fashion Day ~ There is a clear direction for autumn!

 It's ladies day today. I have quite a lot of fashion stuff pulled together for you. There is a clear direction for autumn. 

1. Celine. Again, a plaid top, a big black and white scarf, a big black and white bag. This is a great look and you don't have to have expensive Celine to do it

2. Isabel Murant. She is doing this very boyish look but in a new way. Are you skinny enough to get away with this? I have a feeling non gay men will like it and it's kind of a stopper, my darlings. You don't have to do the hair but it looks good. 

3. More Isabel Murant. The wide shouldered coat, shortish tight pants and heels. Add the haircut and you have a real cross dresser look going. From the girls side, you almost owe it to the public to do this.

4. I liked this biggish coat, big skirt, boots and that great knit cap. I think the knit cap when it's big like that with long hair is a very good look. And you'll stay warm too.

5. I don't think the little black sweater is out of the picture. This is a very strict, very correct look. Very chic. The hair I don't get. Please don't.

6. Lastly, a Balmain highly beaded pullover/sweater for evening I would guess. Great. You probably won't find a less expensive copy. Sorry.

7. Lastly, these great earrings. By Arunashi, whom I have never heard of. If I were a woman I would like these very much. There is nothing much I like in dangly earrings but these are terrific. 

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  1. I like this store a lot, they have some really fun items (i really like the dress selection!) and accessories. It's currently a but out of my price range but I would recommend it very highly!