Monday, September 17, 2012

Nature & the 21st Century

Today I want to call attention to a new book "The Spine of the Continent" by my friend Mary Ellen Hannibal. It is a very intense book facing the fact that as we swarm over this continent with our highways, bigger and bigger cities and digging, fencing, etc ~ we are destroying nature. Animals cannot move in their usual patterns, plants have trouble growing, insect and sea life diminish. If it keeps up we will be all alone here on the planet, probably in a fairly short period of time.

Mary Ellen Hannibal is a terrific writer and you are going to learn a lot about our world you didn't know before. It will frighten you. This is the 21st century kids, time to grow up! "The Spine of the Continent" published by Lyons Press - click here to check it out on Amazon. It is a great book.

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