Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ model in the New York Times

Do you ever see pictures of someone and think "I could fall in love with this person?" Well, here's a model from the New York Times a couple weeks ago who has it. Handsomest Man in the World definitely today. He could lose the beard. Don't you feel the fire burning inside of him? Probably not...but all of us can dream, can't we?

Dear David,
I am trying to lose weight but I just cannot seem to resist that bread basket on the restaurant table or a bit of dessert. Do you have any ideas?
~Fat N. Ning

Dear Mr. Ning,
I'm assuming it's Mr. (maybe it's Ms.?). In either case, I think of how much weight I want to lose. Five pounds maybe. Then I think of five pounds of hamburger sitting on a plate in front of me. Five pounds of hamburger is a lot! You don't want that around your waist or drooping from your backside do you? It's kills my appetite immediately!

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