Monday, September 3, 2012

Help! Writers block

Dear David,  
You write a lot of books. I am trying to and I can’t seem to get going. Energize me!
~Book Baffled

Dear Book Baffled,
Listen, here are my rules:
1. Have a specific time when you write. I write from noon to 2:30 p.m. Five days a week when I am doing a book. I can do a page in a half hour. When I get stuck I jump ahead and do the sex parts. I can always do that.

2. Do not rewrite until you are done. Do not rewrite while you are creating. Do it when you are completely finished with the book..

3. Do not rewrite unless it’s necessary. I tell editors, “I’ll rewrite and it will be different but it won’t be any better. You’re thinking of some other writer.”

4. You are done when you have 250 pages. You can write more if you want to  but you don’t need to.

5. If it’s boring don’t write it. It will also bore the reader. They don’t need connective parts. They can imagine it.

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