Friday, November 30, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 59

Welcome to the 59th Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Guess what my darlings, I'm busy busy busy! Books book and more books! New York in March 2013 called "Rent Boy the musical" - and the tagline of the show is: "Everyone on stage is for sale". It's very modern to say the least! We're casting the show if you are interested, please email me

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fashion Fashion Fashion!

This is fashion day and I have some new things to show the ladies today. A little stuff for men also:

1. I ran across these look that I found quite facinating. They are dresses or long skirts or shirts, whatever you may like to call them, worn over pants. It looks quite new but actually how many women dress in the Near East. Fashion seems to be anticipating getting into a new market that spends a lot of money on clothes, but the clothes have to be wearable for them in their more restrictive world. Interesting, no? Our worlds are going to mesh more and more.

2. Lots of this black and white geometric look around. I kind of like it as too many colors and too many patterns don't really show you off as well.

3. I love this green coat from acne. This is the coat of coats for you if you haven't gotten a new coat yet. Shouldn't be too expensive either, from Acne.

4. This red look from Dior is of course a fortune but pretty easy to duplicate. A kind of of little belted sweater top over a full shiffon skirt. This is a great look, particularly in red.

5. For the men: there has to be some criticism that Daniel Craig's suits are too tight in the Bond flick "skyfall." I don't mind seeing thighs bulge against trousers, do you?

6. For everybody: Do you know about the new group One Direction from London? For the quite young but a lot of talk about them. It 's time we had some new cuties on the scene.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Mr. Barack Obama!

This Handsomest Man in the World is here! I found this cover on French GQ of our president. I think it is the best portrait I have seen of him yet. He is not smiling and really looks directly into your eyes. President Obama. You are handsome. We don't often have a handsome President. Thank the lord we have him back for four more years!

As an added extra I found this sexy picture as part of an ad for a clothing line called Gents. I thought you'd like it!

TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! Did you get tickets to "It's a Fabulous Life" At the Broward Center my darlings? I'm there for a little curtain speech, tonight is opening night. Come! Purchase your tickets here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love, Kids & It's a Fabulous Life

Dear David Divine,
My lover/partner/husband and I have a small child and I like our life together very much except we seem to be slipping into all family and no sex. I think this is fatal in the long run, particularly for gay couples. I am sure you have ideas about this.
~Frust Rated

Dear Mr. Rated,
I have some friends who were in exactly the same situation as you are. What they did I think is inspirational. They set aside one night a week and that was their date night. They got a baby sitter, planned where to go, and came home ready for some rampaging. Plus, one of them works on weekends and has days off during the week. His partner is a freelancer and they also include an afternoon love fest, as their child is in school and they can frolic all over. Such a good idea. Work out something like his. You need to do it for your health and his! Really.

Did you get tickets to "It's a Fabulous Life" At the Broward Center this week? I'm there for a little curtain speech Wednesday opening night. Come! Purchase your tickets here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a Fabulous Life! & Dating Advice

You may not know that a show I have appeared in a times in the past, "It's a Fabulous Life" is opening at the Broward Center this Wednesday night November 28th! I will be there and make a little curtain speech. Click here to get your tickets my darlings. It runs through the weekend.


Dear David,This is such an old fashion problem, but the man I'm dating has bad breath. I just don't know how to bring it up. I like kissing him alot, but whoa! Help me.
~Deep Breath

Dear Deep Breath,Here's what I do. I get a big bottle of Listerine. I walk in and say, "I love you very much but you need this." Make him gargle and start kissing him. He won't be offended.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Jesus Luz

Here we are, time for a new Handsomest Man in the World. I ran across this photo of Jesus Luz when he was Madonna's boyfriend. I don't know what became of him but he still has to be under 30. Truly, he is THE handsomest.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Should I have my neck done?

Dear David,
I want to have my neck done but I don't have the nerve. My partner thinks I'm foolish. I hate the way I look in the mirror but I'm afraid.
~Neck and Neck

Dear Neck and Neck,
Oh, please - just do it! It is the most certain of procedures. You will look ten years younger and you won't be dismayed when you look in the mirror. Email me: if you need a doctor's address here in Miami.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My lover is allergic to my...

Dear David,
I have become involved with a man who is allergic to my cat. He can't even spend the night with me and is coughing and wheezing after almost immediately. I love my cat but should I get rid of him to keep my lover?
~Cat Caught

Dear Cat Caught, 
The gods have intervened to keep you from this lover. No, of course don't get rid of your cat! Keep your romance going in his house...or hotels. One of my friends has a husband who is allergic to everything. One day she said, "Get over these allergies or I'm leaving you!" His allergies went away immediately. Some allergies are not as serious as others and hopefully can be dealt with!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 58

Welcome to the 58th Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am talking about marriage. Do you really want to get married? Here is my check-off list and then I will talk about about it! Great advice to think about...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fashion Day ~ DKNY, Calvin Klein & Leather Jackets

Men’s fashion is coming up today. Some things to think about as we get deeper into Autumn:

1. This DKNY ad I thought captured the look of dark shirt and tie. I really like this. I think they can match and if you have the nerve they can actually coordinate with the color of the suit. Can be very good looking but definitely not conventional.

2. This Calvin Klein jacket, sweater, coat combination looks really good. Extremely conventional but you will be very good looking in it.

3.  This leather jacket is okay but the hair is one of those trends I would like you to avoid. There is a a big new direction of girls dressing as guys, guys dressing as girls. The girl like guy think works. The reverse doesn’t.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Marciano ad

I found this model in a Marciano ad. I have no idea who he is, but this is one pretty swell guy and my vote this week for Handsomest Man in the World!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To be blonde, or not to be blonde? That is the question...

{Thomas Liden by Christian Rios}
Dear David,
I have always wanted to be blond. I have plenty of hair but going blond seems too much, even for me. Your comments, please.
~Born to be Blond

Dear Born to be Blond,
Go for it. I have bleached the hell out of my hair since I was about 17 and still have a good bit left. I love being blond and the people who don’t like it aren’t going to like you anyway. The ones who do like it are going to like you a lot. I favor Latin American men and they like their blonds. Do it and head south!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I am going out with a very handsome man...

Dear David,
I am going out with a very handsome man. The handsomest I have ever dated. He seems very okay and not too worked up about his looks, but this kind of man I have always found isn’t going to give up everyone for someone. What’s your take? 
~Beauty Lover

Dear Beauty Lover,
We all are beauty lovers. I wouldn’t drop him because you are worried he will drop you. Go ahead. Fall in love. Deeply. You will get all the magic and the wonder. If he doesn’t, that’s just too bad. And sometimes people fall in love with you because you fall in love with them. Go ahead. Give it a try.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Mark Weber

It's Handsomest Man in the World today! I would like to recommend to you Mr. Mark Weber, an Australian racing car driver. This is modern drama. Hot!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My lover doesn't...

Don't forget my darlings, it's election day!!!! Please go to the polls if you want me to continue to love you. This is an important election.

Dear David, 
My lover doesn’t look at me directly in the eyes when he kisses me. He either closes his eyes or looks off to the side. What does this mean while we are having sex?
~M.I. Toofussy

Dear Toofussy,
Yes, you are. He probably is imagining wonderful things where you are the fantastic center of it all. Despite that it involves two people, sex is a very private moment.

Monday, November 5, 2012

What do I do...

Dear David,
What do I do when I’m about to have sex with someone I like very much for the first time and I can’t get it up?
Dear P.P.,
I’m guessing your initials stand for Penis Problem?  Here is the classic solution. You say something about that this is so exciting you are falling all apart. You stop, go get a coke, turn on the TV, etc. - do something you two can do together that is a complete change of pace. Order a pizza!