Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love, Kids & It's a Fabulous Life

Dear David Divine,
My lover/partner/husband and I have a small child and I like our life together very much except we seem to be slipping into all family and no sex. I think this is fatal in the long run, particularly for gay couples. I am sure you have ideas about this.
~Frust Rated

Dear Mr. Rated,
I have some friends who were in exactly the same situation as you are. What they did I think is inspirational. They set aside one night a week and that was their date night. They got a baby sitter, planned where to go, and came home ready for some rampaging. Plus, one of them works on weekends and has days off during the week. His partner is a freelancer and they also include an afternoon love fest, as their child is in school and they can frolic all over. Such a good idea. Work out something like his. You need to do it for your health and his! Really.

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