Friday, October 26, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 57

Welcome to the 57th Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am talking about sex and the presidency. Undecided in this election on who to vote for? Well I say, vote for who you would rather...(click on the video above to find out my thoughts!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Sexy Man on the Phone

Handsomest man in the world this week is going to be this mysterious man with the phone on his crotch. Is this a great picture or what?!

Dear David,
I am not young but have pimples and red spots frequently, what would you do?

Dear Spotty,
Homeoplasmine, a French salve in a tube. Available in this country online at It's magical. Spots will go away in two days.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Help! Mom advice

Dear David,
I speak to my mother every day. She has big problems, all self-inflicted. I don’t like speaking to her at all yet I must. Did you or do you ever have this problem?
~Mom Beat

Dear Mom Beat,
Are you Italian? Sounds like it. Those Italian moms are famous for pushing that guilt button long and hard. I left home at 17, much to my mother’s relief I think. We would write each other once a week. Saw each other maybe twice a year.

I think you are doing the right thing. Just be patient. Call her so she can’t complain about that. And maybe hang the phone on your shoulder and read while she talks, saying “uh huh” and “is that so?” Occasionally. That’s plenty.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Either he is into me or he’s the best actor in the world...

Dear David,
I am having a romance with a man many years my junior. Many. You write that you are not your own type, which encourages me. I will say this, either he is into me or he’s the best actor in the world. What do you think?  
~Nu Experience

Dear Nu,
He’s into you or the best actor in the world? What’s the difference? I always say, you’re only young twice. Live!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 56

Welcome to the 56th Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am reminiscing about my New York advertising days. I have lots of stories to tell!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fashion Day ~ Transparent Coat, GAP & Lana del Ray

Here it is Thursday and time for some fashion foolishness, and not so foolish stuff.

1. The semi transparent coat. I think this is such a good look. Probably very warm too. And light enough to drag around with you. The hairdo? Please don't.

2. Men. This is THE look. Sweater with a design. Blue jeans you turn up. Narrow coat that is just a long jacket. And some kind of interesting sports shoes. I just wandered into a sports shoe store yesterday. So many great shoes Are out now. You need a pair. All of this from Gap, too.

3. Lana del Ray. I had her in the blog some time ago as a new person to watch and here she is. She has that old time movie star glamour and I see recently many of the models in advertising are now being put together to look like her. I like her singing very much, but whether you like it or not, her presence is going to have a bigger and bigger affect.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Handsomest MEN in the World ~ Swimsuit Models

This week I want to give you two Handsomest MEN in the World. These are photos from a recent fashion show here in Miami Beach. I have no idea who these guys are but they are swell. And no, this is not the same man in different outfits. Hello! This is Miami Beach! We have lots of good looking men here!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have a friend who's life revolves around his dog. It's fido this and fido that all the time...

Dear David,I have a friend who's life revolves around his dog. It's fido this and fido that all the time. I have pets but they are my pets. I love them but I don't think of them as people. Am I wrong or is he wrong?
~The Pet Questioner
Dear Pet Questioner,I was brought up in a household with many pets so I am used to having animals around the house. However, I do think there is a danger of letting pets take the place of a person in your life. They always love you. They don't talk back. They don't argue. All around they're much easier. But you are right. They cannot be fulfilling in the way a relationship is. If they must always be present and you cannot leave them - often they create a barrier that makes having a relationship difficult. I myself think they are there are there to create that barrier because the pet owner doesnt really want to have a relationship or do what is required - like pay attention to another person. Yes, love your pets but don't make them a substitute. That's my opinion.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I have just turned fifty. I am still in very good shape...

Dear David,I have just turned fifty. I am still in very good shape. Just yesterday I was in a store and I heard the lady say, "guapo, guapo!" which means handsome in Spanish. So I guess I'm alright. I have always had a lot of attention, but just in the past few years much less. And less all the time. The future frightens me. Did this happen for you? Please talk.
~ Mr. Fifty
Dear Mr. Fifty,You're lucky. What's happening in your life now usually happens at about 38. Quentin Crisp used to say, "suddenly you're 38 and no one cares anymore. And all that time you thought it was your pep and personality. No, it was your beauty." This was all in his encouragement to have a style, and beauty could not be part of the style.

I never went through this as I was never that good-looking. Atleast in my own mind. And I was always about style. Which was all about not caring what others thought of me. Which worked well, my being gay.

In your case I think you might bite the bullet and realize it may be your turn in the barrel. How about paying attention to the next person who is interested in you, whether you are interested in him or not? Let him be the one who loves the most and you let him. Good relationships are often built upon this, and maybe you need a relationship right now.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Women's fashion ~ coats, evening gowns, and horrible suits

I want to talk about women's fashion a little. How about coats? Winter is coming!

1. I think this Hugo Boss coat is excellent. It isn't as big as a barn door and actually looks like it would be worn. You don't need to look bulkier. This is probably not all that expensive.

2. Here's a MaxMara look I like a lot. Sort of the Burberry shape, tie belt. Really a nice look over pants. Notice the pants have cuffs. This is an updated Katherine Hepburn look that could be great on you. Heels or flats would look good with this.

3. Keira Knightley in an Armani evening gown. Probably insanely expensive but copies should be about. This is the look for evening if you want them to reel back as you enter. As for Keira Knightley - is she going to make it? I don't really get it. Seems like just a nice English girl is in there under all the hairdos and folderol.

4. This is a Prada look you must avoid. My take on Prada is that it is designed to make you look really bad - as though you were above fashion. The fashion world kind of ignores this and I'm not sure why.

5. Diane Kruger. She is everywhere in the press and magazines but doesn't ever seem to make an important movie. Am I wrong?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Zhao Lei

Here we are at Handsomest Man in the World time and I have someone very new and different for you. There is a new men's fashion magazine from Portugal called Hercules. Very swank. They just did a trip to China and here's a male model from that issue. Zhao Lei is his name. Doesn't he have what the oldtime movie stars had? Think Cary Grant. Isn't he great?!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is the whole world getting fat or is it just this country?

Dear David,
You seem to travel a lot. Is the whole world getting fat or is it just this country?
~Tonnage A. Lert

Dear Tonnage,
No, my friend. The rest of the world beyond the U.S. is not getting fatter. Some parts are getting thinner. We are fat here in the U.S. Have you ever been to an airport in Chicago? You can hardly get through it the thighs and buttocks are so enormous. I think all of this poundage is really a reaction to sex. I think Americans are afraid of it and are hiding their sex parts under folds of flesh. You can't have it if you can't find it, right? I live in Uraguay part of the year. The men there are very hot, muscular and trim. Go for a visit and take a vacation from all the pounds and pounds in the northern hemisphere.

Monday, October 8, 2012

My wife and I have sex very infrequently...

Dear David,
I am a straight man and my friend suggested I write to you. Here it is: I have been married for twelve years. I have two great children. My wife and I have sex very infrequently and without enthusiasm. If I didn't initiate it we would never have sex. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
~Missin' the Lovin'

Dear Mr. Lovin',
How about losing some weight? I know a straight couple that got married and the husband looked like Tab Hunter. Not many years later he looked like Henry the Eighth. They had two children soon after marriage. And then no more. At one point he circled the globe and lost a ton of poundage. She went to meet him and Tab was back and voila, a third child. 

How do you look? Are you sexy? Have you done everything sexually you would like to do? Come on. There you are a sexual team. Maybe you both should go into training. It isn't that you are not interested in sex it's that you're not willing to really work at what makes a person sexy. Sex isn't like rainfall. It doesn't just happen. You gotta make it happen! Good luck!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Come On Out! with David Leddick ~ Episode 55

Welcome to the 55th Episode of "Come On Out! with David Leddick"! Today I am talking to my pal and manager Vincent Colonna about parts of the new book I'm writing "100 Things You Should Know for the 21st Century". Gay or straight, man or woman - this book and advice is for all! We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Bergdorf Goodman menswear model

And now the choice of Handsomest Man in the World the first week of October. A new model for Bergdorf Goodman menswear. A sizable mustache and very romantic eyes. This guy must be South American or European. Is this a new direction? Grown up men with mustaches? Is Clark Gable returning? I hope so!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do you ever appear in public as a lady on your night off?

Dear David,
Or should I say, Davidina? You appear in drag in some of your shows. Do you do this at home? Or do you ever appear in public as a lady on your night off?
~Mr. Dragoon

Dear Mr. Dragoon,
I am really sorry to disappoint you but I don't have any real need to be girly offstage. I have always been man-crazy but don't have much of a compulsion to get into dainty undies and heels. Don't know why. I will say that I get a kick out of jostling around onstage as Gilda Lilly or Dilda Duveen. Maybe somewhere deep in my psyche I need to let it out, but offstage I can't even find my girdle.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My boyfriend has...

Dear David,
My boyfriend has a penis that is not very big. This bothers him but it doesn't bother me. What's your take?
~Penis Fein

Dear P. Fein,
Make sure that he understands that you are ok with his size, so he should be also. My counsel to you is that old time slogan "It's not the meat, it's the motion."