Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fashion Day ~ Transparent Coat, GAP & Lana del Ray

Here it is Thursday and time for some fashion foolishness, and not so foolish stuff.

1. The semi transparent coat. I think this is such a good look. Probably very warm too. And light enough to drag around with you. The hairdo? Please don't.

2. Men. This is THE look. Sweater with a design. Blue jeans you turn up. Narrow coat that is just a long jacket. And some kind of interesting sports shoes. I just wandered into a sports shoe store yesterday. So many great shoes Are out now. You need a pair. All of this from Gap, too.

3. Lana del Ray. I had her in the blog some time ago as a new person to watch and here she is. She has that old time movie star glamour and I see recently many of the models in advertising are now being put together to look like her. I like her singing very much, but whether you like it or not, her presence is going to have a bigger and bigger affect.

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