Monday, October 15, 2012

I have just turned fifty. I am still in very good shape...

Dear David,I have just turned fifty. I am still in very good shape. Just yesterday I was in a store and I heard the lady say, "guapo, guapo!" which means handsome in Spanish. So I guess I'm alright. I have always had a lot of attention, but just in the past few years much less. And less all the time. The future frightens me. Did this happen for you? Please talk.
~ Mr. Fifty
Dear Mr. Fifty,You're lucky. What's happening in your life now usually happens at about 38. Quentin Crisp used to say, "suddenly you're 38 and no one cares anymore. And all that time you thought it was your pep and personality. No, it was your beauty." This was all in his encouragement to have a style, and beauty could not be part of the style.

I never went through this as I was never that good-looking. Atleast in my own mind. And I was always about style. Which was all about not caring what others thought of me. Which worked well, my being gay.

In your case I think you might bite the bullet and realize it may be your turn in the barrel. How about paying attention to the next person who is interested in you, whether you are interested in him or not? Let him be the one who loves the most and you let him. Good relationships are often built upon this, and maybe you need a relationship right now.

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