Monday, October 8, 2012

My wife and I have sex very infrequently...

Dear David,
I am a straight man and my friend suggested I write to you. Here it is: I have been married for twelve years. I have two great children. My wife and I have sex very infrequently and without enthusiasm. If I didn't initiate it we would never have sex. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
~Missin' the Lovin'

Dear Mr. Lovin',
How about losing some weight? I know a straight couple that got married and the husband looked like Tab Hunter. Not many years later he looked like Henry the Eighth. They had two children soon after marriage. And then no more. At one point he circled the globe and lost a ton of poundage. She went to meet him and Tab was back and voila, a third child. 

How do you look? Are you sexy? Have you done everything sexually you would like to do? Come on. There you are a sexual team. Maybe you both should go into training. It isn't that you are not interested in sex it's that you're not willing to really work at what makes a person sexy. Sex isn't like rainfall. It doesn't just happen. You gotta make it happen! Good luck!

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