Thursday, October 11, 2012

Women's fashion ~ coats, evening gowns, and horrible suits

I want to talk about women's fashion a little. How about coats? Winter is coming!

1. I think this Hugo Boss coat is excellent. It isn't as big as a barn door and actually looks like it would be worn. You don't need to look bulkier. This is probably not all that expensive.

2. Here's a MaxMara look I like a lot. Sort of the Burberry shape, tie belt. Really a nice look over pants. Notice the pants have cuffs. This is an updated Katherine Hepburn look that could be great on you. Heels or flats would look good with this.

3. Keira Knightley in an Armani evening gown. Probably insanely expensive but copies should be about. This is the look for evening if you want them to reel back as you enter. As for Keira Knightley - is she going to make it? I don't really get it. Seems like just a nice English girl is in there under all the hairdos and folderol.

4. This is a Prada look you must avoid. My take on Prada is that it is designed to make you look really bad - as though you were above fashion. The fashion world kind of ignores this and I'm not sure why.

5. Diane Kruger. She is everywhere in the press and magazines but doesn't ever seem to make an important movie. Am I wrong?

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