Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Help! Summertime is here and I need to lose about ten pounds

Dear David,
Oh my God, summertime is here and I need to lose about ten pounds. What do you do? Help please!!
~Lala Palooza

Dear Lala,
I'll bet you look great even with the ten unwanted pounds. But the best technique is to stop eating when you're not hungry. Even if you leave quite a lot of food on your plate. I find I'm full about halfway through the meal. Just stop there. And skip dessert and no bread. You'll be down rapidly.

At the moment I am doing Shape Lovers, a Miami area food delivery diet regime. Really great. They deliver two meals a day, for a little over $7.00 a meal. You eat nothing else and it's very tasty and filling - protein and vegetables, etc. You'll get stronger and thinner. I highly recommend it!

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