Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Problems with depression...

Dear David,
I get depressed a lot. Do you ever have that problem? What do you do about it?
~D.D. Youknow

Dear. D. D.,
I do know, although I have to admit I the last time I was depressed was about 1947. But I have friends and relatives who have to struggle with this. Yes it is an emotional and perhaps psychological problem. But i see it linked idrectly with being afraid to get angry. To get angry with parents who neglected you, lovers who don't come through, jobs that don't appreciate you. And you are afraid to confront them because you are afraid of being left alone. I see this perfectly understandable when you are a child. But learning to be alone is the great adult thing you must do. then you can get angry with those parents. Tell them to go to hell...or atleast think about it.

You've got to learn to be alone. Go ahead, get angry with the people that deserve it. It could help your depression and then people will want to be around you.

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