Monday, April 18, 2011

Brownies, Cookies, Ice Cream...Oh My!

Dear D.G.D.,
My boyfriend and I get along except for one thing. I am a trainer and I have to keep fit and avoid junk food. Unfortunately I love it but can resist it if it isn't in the house in front of my eyes. My boyfriend is much less likely to gain weight than I am and buys all the fatal stuff all the time. Our kitchen is full of potato chips, brownies, cookies, ice cream - you name it. I have tried to explain many times that I don't want him to do this but it doesn't do any good. Despite myself, I get up in the night and dip oreo cookies into peanut butter. Help me!
~Frustrated Food Feuder

Dear Triple-F,
This is not an uncommon problem, especially between older men and their younger lovers. The younger lover chows down and the older guy gets fat. And the younger lover leaves him. As I have said, beauty is everything, unfortunately.

After much pondering, here's my solution. Get a separate refrigerator (it can be small) and cupboard for yourself. This is your territory, forbidden to him. And his refrigerator and cupboard is forbidden to you. You never go there. If necessary put signs like "No, No, Nanette" on them. You do not eat there. Everything in them is poison. At least that will help you realize how extreme it is when you lose your self-discipline. Maybe put pictures of fat people on them, too.

I always remind my friends, "As you're reaching for that oreo just imagine two pounds of raw hamburger on the kitchen table. That's a whole lots of bulk, and that's only two pounds." I hope this helps. At least it will keeps visual drama in front of your boyfriend and maybe it will sink in.


Thank-you to everyone who came to my booksigning last Friday night at Bar 721. I met some great people. Here are a few photos from the event:

My table of books shown above, visit my website if you would like to purchase one for you or your friends. They make great gifts.

Talking with blog readers who needed advice


Also my darlings, I am hosting 2 evenings of singalong for the Sound of Music at the Manor in Fort Lauderdale April 29th & having an "Ab Fab Yard Sale" on April 30th. Stay tuned for more details! :)

(2 Guys Eating Cake Photo via Pringles of Scotland)

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