Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Dear D.G.D.,
I am a blond. I still have my hair. Some of the rest has headed south. I have always enjoyed being in demand but I feel it is all slipping a bit. Your advice?
~Blonde On A Bummer

Dear Bummed Out,
Your own letter is telling you what to do. Go south. My great friend Jean Ann told me years ago, "As they get older blondes must go south." This is true of blond men as blond ladies. Try Miami. This is basically a Latin-American city, the connection point between North and South America. Bilingual and packed with handsome men.

And from there you can venture further south to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. I maintain a home in Montevideo, Uruguay. The only city I know with as many handsome men as there are in Miami.

Last year I went to Tierra de Fuego, the jumping off point for Antartica. They were crazy about me. Give it a go.

As well all know, the idea that blondes are frigid is just a lot of brunette gossip. The Latin Americans know that also. Best of luck.

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