Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dating & Decorating

Dear David,
My boyfriend and I have just moved into a new apartment. We both have good taste and decorate well but unfortunately our taste is quite different. He is French Country. I am stripped down modern. Should I just surrender and let him decorate to avoid the kind of quarrels that can damage our relationship? Or demand my equal rights?
~What To Do?

Dear What To Do,
I know, I know, I know. At least you are lucky that you are overloaded with tastemakers. Most gay couples have one and he does it all. And many have no taste on either side and live as though they are still graduate students somewhere with lots of stuff piled here and there and the bed always unmade.

Here's what I suggest. Although I have to admit that when I have lived with someone I always forced my decor upon them. Fortunately I seem to attract guy's guys who don't want to discuss fabrics. But what you can do is each have your own rooms to decorate. If he gets the bedroom you get the living room. There's a guest bedroom? Let him do it as a bonus. And you get the kitchen and bathroom, which better suits your style. Even more rooms? Keep dividing them up. Listen, you'll be asleep or the lights will be off in the bedroom most of the time anyway. You're getting the best of the deal...

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