Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Dish on Drag

Dear David,
What do you think about drag?

Dear Dragonetta,
You had to ask. You surely know that I have a cabaret persona as Gilda Lilly, a second-tier Hollywood celebrity of days gone by. I think doing drag is a slippery path. You can always look about twenty years younger in drag. There is that. But I think you can do it for Halloween, on stage, special party. But leave it at that. Because soon you will want to wear artificial fingernails, high heels and a girdle.

I used to think that if a man wanted a woman there were plenty of real ones around. Now I have learned that the tranny-chasers want a man in a dress. But finally you are playing a role. You are not going to be a real person to Chaz the Chaser. It really doesn't lead anywhere to get into drag. Because you are looking for love, not pretense. Aren't you?

Remember, remember, remember. I will be at Bar 721 This Friday evening April 15th from 7-10. I want to hear everyone's contributions to my blog.

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