Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dish on Fashion

Firstly, please check out events that are going on this weekend to the right side of the page. I am hosting the Sound of Music Sing-a-long this Friday & Saturday April 29th & 30th. Please click on flyer image on the right for details. Also, I am hosting an Ab-Fab yard sale this Saturday full of goodies. I would love to see you at all of these events.


Here's our fashion direction for this week:

I don't like to endorse anyone but this Ermengilda Zenga blazer is short and tight and looks great. Also, please note the swept up front hair. I think this looks good on most guys and makes them taller.

A very good blue jean Manuel Ritz jacket. Love it.

This is the new shorter jacket looking good on an older guy...but I'm not sure about the rolled up pants. I think it makes you look a little to desperately interested in fashion instead of cool.

I love this Hugo Boss little black jacket with your sleeves protruding. I think Hugo Boss is looked on as a kind of conservative but I find the Boss clothes are not madly expensive, always fit very well, have good fabric and make you look good.

Everybody is pushing bright solid color for this summer which I think is really hard on you unless you are a very dark brunette. However this outfit looks really good. This is a Prada jacket which means insanely expensive and you shouldn't spend the money but the look is right. If you're going to spend the money go to Jil Sander. Always the best.

This white outfit is really the look of looks if you've got the nerve and are skinny enough. The pajama-style shirt, the little jacket, the floppy pants, which I like better than tight with rolled up bottoms. Plus the sandals, the big bag and the sunglasses. It is all here. Of course...you have to be gay. I even like the flat hair instead of a pushed up pompadour.

Here's an example of pushed up hair. I love it, but will it stay there all evening? Good look, too. Tom Ford, which none of us can afford. Unfortunately by the time men can afford these kinds of clothing they no longer have the body. They have to buy them for their younger lover. And then the younger lover looks funny because everyone knows he can't afford these kinds of clothes. It's a lose-lose situation.

Here's the new look for women on Tilda Swinton. I think this is really what chic is about. Not all this odds and ends stuff that makes a woman look ratty instead of elegant. More on women's fashion next week...

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