Monday, November 11, 2013

My boyfriend travels a lot for his job ...

Dear David,
My boyfriend travels a lot for his job and lately I've gotten kind of obsessed with the idea that he is cheating on me while he travels. I call his room at the hotels he stays at way too much, trying to catch someone else answering the phone. I call the desk and ask if his "friend" has gone to the room. They always say "no" in a wondering voice. I have even thought of just flying to where he is and showing up unexpectedly. Is that crazy?
~Dee Sturbed

Dear Dee,
Yes. This is crazy. We only imagine each others behavior what we are capable of doing ourselves. Should he be worried that you are fooling around while he is out of town? You should think about this. Sounds like maybe you're the one who wants to be the "cheatin' heart."

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