Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm back my darlings! Book Party Alert!

I took a little hiatus from posting on David's Gay Dish...but we're back in action my darlings! Just in time for a Book party alert!  I am going to be at Books & Books on Lincoln Road with my new book “How To Hit 70 Doing 100” this Thursday, March 6th at 7pm (located at 927 Lincoln Road).  As I tell everyone, “Be There or Be Square.”  I sent out 450 invitations so we should have a roaring good time. 

I will be at Rizzolli's in New York two weeks later for another event: Thursday, March 20th at 5:30pm. (location: W. 57th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues).

We are also doing a “Cocktail Version” of Rent Boy the Musical on Friday and Saturday nights, March 21st and 22nd at Don’t Tell Mama in New York.  The shows will be at 7:00pm. Don't Tell Mama is located at 343 W.46th St. in the heart of the theater and restaurant part of town.  Afterwards you can go to the Hookie Awards at the Out Hotel on West 42nd St. on Friday night and then on Saturday get into your gear and hustle over to the Black Party at Roseland. I will be at both these events. Gee, I wish I was going to be seeing you there.

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