Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"I'll Never Forget When David said..." ~ Memories from my "Mad Men" Days ~ Part 1

A photo of me above in my “Mad Men” Advertising days

Hello my darlings! I just discovered a notebook my staff gave me at a farewell party 
when I was leaving Grey Advertising to go to France to work for McCann-Erickson. 
Leaving my client Revlon behind to work for on L’Oreal, Their big competitor in Europe.

The notebook is title “I’ll Never Forget When David…” and each staff member wrote a 
little memory. The only reason I share it with you is many of them are very funny, and of 
course I remember none of them occurring. Here goes…

“I’ll Never Forget When David said “No matter what happens, it’s only advertising.”

“I’ll Never Forget When David advised me that “Stardom is the only way out.”

“I’ll Never Forget When David said that the reason he was spending $700 a day on 
living expenses while we were traveling was, “Well, I have to stay alive.” 

“I’ll Never Forget When I said to David, “You spent over $800 on limos! How can I 
charge the client? And he said “Well Bob, next time I’ll take smaller limos.”

And there is more where that came from! Stay tuned tomorrow and Friday for more 
“I’ll Never Forget When David said…”, they get even better as the week goes on!

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