Thursday, October 10, 2013

"I'll Never Forget When David said..." ~ Memories from my "Mad Men" Days ~ Part 2

Hello my darlings! Below are more staff member memories from a notebook I just discovered titled 
“I’ll Never Forget When David…”. My staff gave me at a farewell party when I was leaving Grey 
Advertising to go to France to work for McCann-Erickson. Leaving my client Revlon behind to work 
for L’Oreal, their big competitor in Europe. Please click here for Part 1 incase you missed it.

"I'll never forget when I met David! My friend Vicky had absolutely rhapsodized about him for so 
long that I'd shake her for the "dailies."..."Well, my new Creative Director David said today..."
Finally he interviewed me. He said, "My dear, I think that the secret to doing great fashion and 
beauty advertising is just taking very seriously the relationship between men and women." I said,
"Well gosh I think that sounds impossible!" He said, "I guess we'll hire you then."

"I'll never forget the day David hired me. He was preparing for a trip around the world, Bombay, etc. 
We gathered around a desktop filled with papers, magazines, beauty products. One short phone call 
to Personnel. "This is David Leddick I would like to hire Miss Janet Modine...(squawking voice)..."Yes, 
yes. That's all well and fine but I would like to hire her." Although it was short I will always remember 
that as one of the best days of my life.

"I'll never forget when I showed and inadequate layout to David and he said, "We'll take a little piece 
of paper and I'll show you how we do it in advertising." (Sounding mysterious)

Stay tuned tomorrow for more “I’ll Never Forget When David…”. I saved the best ones for last!

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