Friday, October 11, 2013

"I'll Never Forget When David said..." ~ Memories from my "Mad Men" Days ~ Part 3

A photo of me from my "Mad Men" days

Hello my darlings! Below we've saved the best for last of the staff member memories from a notebook I discovered titled “I’ll Never Forget When David…”. My staff gave me at a farewell party when I was leaving Grey Advertising to go to France to work for McCann-Erickson. Leaving my client Revlon behind to work for L’Oreal, their big competitor in Europe. Please click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 incase you missed it.

"I'll never forget when David and I were in the elevator. I was in some man's shirt, my hair was a mess, he looked at me (I had a violent hangover) and said, "Anita, promise me you'll never get a tattoo."

"I'll never forget when you called me Wallushka...I guess it was my entry into the world of FASHION and BEAUTY!!"
P.S. I come from a third world country. Heavy accent. I am not gay and I am in Fashion and Beauty! Like Mahatma Gandhi exchanging recipe with Julia Child!

I'll never forget when David said, Well you don't look scared anymore." And I watched as the confidence and support David gave me was something he shared with everyone around him."

I hope you had a few smiles and laughs. Have a wonderful weekend my darlings!

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