Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fashion direction ~ new trend ~ skinny black

Last week I talked about the new wave sweeping in of skinny black. The very next day the New York Times had a big fashion coverage reporting the very same thing. How did this arrive so soon and so completely when all the designers are trying to promote bright colors and lots of prints...which looks pretty junky to me. Maybe the buyers of fashion are stepping up and just wearing what they prefer and to hell with fashion directions.

1. N.Y. Times coverage:

2. Lots of new looks in skinny black, both pants and dresses:


Dear David,
Who is your favorite designer?

Dear Wonderin',
Jil Sander beyond all question. I know she is German which  think is a good sign that somebody besides the French know what is going on in fashion. If I were a woman and had the money I would wear her clothes almost exclusively. She has the greatest sense that your clothes are to make you look great. You are not there to make your clothes look great, which is the big mistake too many women make. Her men's clothes also have that good stripped down but not calling attention to itself look.

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