Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Handsomest Men in the World ~ Takeshi Uematsu & Daisuke Ueda

Handsomest Man in the World How about Handsomest Men in the World? I ran across an article on a Zen group in Japan. These men are fundamentally monks - but I do want you to remember that Zen is a spiritual study, it is not a religion. Here you have Takeshi Uematsu and Daisuke Ueda - these guys are great!


Dear David,
Do you think people ever move beyond sexual desire, even in old age?
~Hot & Hitting Seventy

Dear Hot One,
They say they do but I don't believe them. I think we always want to physically connect with other humans, we just kind of give up on the possibility as we lose our looks. We shouldn't! I think you don't lose it and can use it when the other person turns you on. If they don't, of course you don't get excited. For men and women alike, keep as fit as you can, don't ignore cosmetic surgery, get out and meet younger people in adult education classes or charitable activities. Honestly, you're always somebody's type. Jsut don't ignore them. there is nothing wrong with being hot and sexy after sixty. Really!

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