Monday, July 29, 2013

Qualms about growing older...

(Photo above of Salta, Argentina)

Dear David,
I'm in my middle 50s. I think I look about 8-10 years younger. Lately I've been having some qualms about growing older. It's doesn't look good to me when I see older gay men in bars and partying all night. I know you have a definite point of view about all this. Tell me!
~Aging A. Bit

Dear Aging A. Bit,
You are a kid compared to me! With the new trends in aging you must remember you are perhaps only halfway through your life. The latter half is when you do all the stuff you always wanted to do, planned to do, are discovering to do. and this includes romance and sex. Just keep going to the gym so your body remains strong, study something so your brain doesn't decay and make some plans. I just came back from Salta, Argentina. A sizable city lost in northern Argentina. Very old, great looking people, a culture quite different from ours. Do stuff like this, the best part of your life is ahead of you!

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