Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love is the answer

Dear David,
You seem to think that life really revolves around love and the sex involved. Yet so many people don't seem to have those kinds of lives. Do you ever wonder if you're right?
~Luv's the Answer

Dear Luv's the Answer,
Never. I think in this world of many conflicts and disappointments that if you really experience true love for another person you will not check out at the other end feeling unfulfilled. I just read "The Gallery" by John Horne Burns, the first real post World War II novel about Naples during the war and he has a wonderful chapter on the same subject. Even in that awful world of desperation and brutality people fell in love. It's great. He is largely forgotten now as he never wrote another important novel and died at 36, but he lived a lot in those 36 years.

As I say over and over again, it doesn't matter what other people think of you, only what you think of yourself. And you deserve the unforgettable experience of love!

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