Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fashion Day ~ MaxMara, Dsquared & Bulgari

It's fashion day and today is primarily for the ladies. I have been very taken with MaxMara's looks for Autumn - all in shades of light browns. I think these all look really grown up and not all that mix and match stuff that is supposed to be fashion and makes you look like you were trapped in a thrift store.

1. Four looks from MaxMara:

2. Recently Dsquared is only using black models and I think this looks great. Great leather stuff and these models make impact. Very smart.

3. Poor idea of the week. Carla Bruni is back modeling for Bulgari jewels. She is the wife of the former Prime Minister of France. Really Carla. You represent France to the Queen of England and you're back in front of the camera?

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