Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Sean O'Pry

Our Handsomest Man in the World this week is model Sean O'Pry. I have seen him around for a number of years and he gets sexier all the time. I remember reading somewhere that he is American and from Georgia. He has that wrinkly forehead and that hot mouth and a broody presence. For this week, he's got the prize! Whew!

(Top to bottom: Victor & Rolf Ad, Vogue Cover, & Hugo Boss)

Dear David,
I have recently read that there is no such thing as Sex Addiction. That the idea that one is addicted is a religious right concept to dissuade people from having sex. Have you heard this? What do you think?

Dear Inquirer,
I talked about this a little bit earlier this week discussing women who feel their partners are not sexy enough. In the movie "Shame" they deal with sex addiction and I think it is more complicated than just having sex all the time. First, if you are Latin American, men ususally want to have sex daily or even twice a day. That is not considered and addiction or even anything but normal. That might be considered addiction in the US, and that is nonsense. I love being with a guy who has to have sex once a day.

Secondly, more likely is the person who has sex with just about anybody. That is not an addiction, that is low self esteem. Particularly in the gay world, handsome men who have not accomplished much career-wise often have to have sex constantly to
reassure themselves that they still have some control over their world. And when they get older and lose that control they can be come quite emotionally upset. Taht is something else. That is not addiction.

To answer your question, if you have to have sex a lot that just may be your libido. Congratulations and hopefully you are with someone who is equally enthusiastic. Or it can be a substitute for achievement in other areas. But for all of us, there is always the question: Are you running your life or is your life running you?

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