Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but...

Dear David,
This isn't about sex but I wanted your opinion. A friend of mine is involved in a gay sexual harassment suit. In deposition and under oath several witnesses have lied to make him look at fault. One was even clearly caught at it. What do you think about this unfairness?
~Witness for the Persecution

Dear Witness for the Persecution,
It's like this. People lie under oath and we see it all the time in some of these big bank/sex/public scandals. As an onlooker you can do nothing, but there it is. The witness lied and must live with it forever. It may or may not hurt your friend, but it definitely hurts the liar. Our own self-esteem is crucial as we pass through life. Doing things we know are wrong forces us to live with ourselves - knowing we are second-rate, and a failed/bad person. This hopefully prevents us from doing things like this in the first place. Even if know one else knows that you have lied to take someone down falsely, you do. And that is an awful way to live to the end. You can never have a good relationship with someone. Love will always be impaired. Your friend has been honest. He will survive better than those trying to take him down based on lies.

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