Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have 3 big questions for you

Instead of fashion direction for you this Thursday, I have 3 big questions for you:

1. What gives with Mad Men and the surrounding fog of the 1950s and 60s fashion directions and now Magic City, a show about Miami Beach back then? It's pretty obvious that the leading man of "Magic City", Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been chosen because he looks like Don Draper. Why are we longing to go back to another time period? I lived through all of that and the 1960s were when we abandoned looking and acting like adults and the whole world became teenagers. Now we want to be adults and we don't know how? Is that it?

2. What gives with all of these horrifying movies about teenagers caught up in violent worlds? I know that "Hunger Games" are a series of books from which the new movie has been adapted. And it is the biggest box office hit ever? Has our entire country become permanent teenagers? We know nothing about the world. Don't know where Iraq is. Couldn't find Afganistan on the map. Yet are deeply involved with horrifying fantasies of the future. What gives?

3. My third question, which I am going to follow up on is: Why do all the current male and female movie and TV stars look alike? The men all have the same faces, bodies, hair color. The women all look extremely similar. I am going to prepare a list for next week. There is something weird going on. They rise, make a movie or two, then dissapear to be replaced by someone like Channing Tatum, who looks like everyone else. Gary Cooper was never mistaken for Cary Grant. What's happening here?

All of this just to call your attention to the 21st century. I love this century but I am trying to project where it is going. Are these things steps towards growing up? Please let me know your thoughts!

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