Monday, December 17, 2012

Dirty mouth?

Sorry folks! I just came back from New York and somehow in the hurly burly I thought I had given my blog to the blog mistress, but I forgot! Sorry for all the posts on my facebook feed today, we will be back to normal next week my darlings!


Dear David,
I don't like to kiss. Is that unusual? It seems so unsanitary. Tell me!

Dear Mouthy,
Do you give blowjobs? I find this seems to be a gay guy thing - "I don't kiss but..."

The French writer Jean Cocteau kissed his poodle and a friend said, "Oh, don't do that. Who knows where that little mouth has been!" Cocteau replied, " I think the same thing every time I see you kiss your mother."

I wouldn't worry about the unsanitary part. Try just kissing his neck. Chew his ear. Men like that. You might move on to his mouth.

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