Monday, December 10, 2012

Part Time Lovers & Rent Boy the Musical!

Dear David,
My lover lives in Detroit. I live in New York. We both have relatively high level jobs on our professions and it would be difficult for either of us to find similar job in each other's cities. This has been going on for three years. I go to Detriot alternate weekends. He comes to New York alternately, too and we spend our vacations and holidays together, of course.

I love him more and more and want very much to live with him all the time. What shall I do?
~Part-Time Lover

Dear Part-Time Lover,
I don't think you are a part-time lover at all. Much as you don't want to hear this, your not living together is prolonging the romance. I have two rules for romance:
1. Don't go in the bathroom together
2. Never Eat In

You are preserving a lot of mystery and magic and I like that. Beofre long destiny will stp in and you will both move to Dallas or something like that. But don't rush it. A hard to handle romance makes it more and more valuable all the time. I'll be you're having a lot of sex when you get together - probably a lot more than if you had been living together this whole time!

My Dear Blogettes, I am very excited to announce my new show! I am going to New York in March 2013 with a revision of our show "Escorts" (based on my book) which is now called "Rent Boy the Musical." Our slogan is "Everyone on stage is for sale." Please visit for more information & for more info about casting!

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