Monday, December 3, 2012

Feeling like the "tagalong" partner...

(Lady Gaga)

Dear David,
I have been with my boyfriend over eleven years and he has become quite well known in his field. I like my work a lot but it is not the kind of thing where I will become visible to the public. More and more when we go to parties and dinners I feel like I am the "tagalong" partner in his shadow whom no one really wants to know. It doesn't affect our relationship but it bothers me. I think I am quite interesting and fun.
~Sour Puss 

Dear Puss,
I am sure you are very interesting and a lot of fun. What you are experiencing is what women have to put up with for centuries. And probably some men married to female Hollywood movie stars. I don't think it will affect your relationship with your Mr. Lover. I'd just bite the bullet. Or perhaps start wearing bizarre outfits and hats that no photographers can resist. Then the press will start referring to your lover as the "tagalong" to you!

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