Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion, Fashion ~ Bright colors, shoulder bags and the return of high rise pants

My fashion guidance is a little more extreme today. Spring is here and some of you can get a little wilder:

1. Everyone is talking brighter colors. I think bright pants, like these yellow ones, could be good if the rest of your look is traditional. 

2. I kind of like this sports look of a long sleeved T-shirt top and pants with a tight ankle pants. Sort if a gym workout look but all in gold. You must have self-confidence to wear this. 

3. How about this multi-color shirt and the shining blue pants? I really like this look but it is not for blondes. Brunettes only and you can not be shy.

4. I see high-rise pants coming in. I actually like this. They are more comfortable although I was among the first into the low slung pants in the 1960s. Pierre Cardin introduced the low-cut pants.

5. How about this shoulder bag? I want it!

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