Monday, April 8, 2013

Old love, new love? What to do?

Dear David,
I am living with an older man who has been essential to my staying in the US, as my South American home country is difficult to visit with visas, as is this country. We have sex, but we both have other flings. He seems to have no objection to this. He loves me and I feel very strongly about him. He has also done so much for me.

Recently I have fallen in love with someone my own age and do not want to lose him. My new love of course, insists I leave the older man. I am so torn up about this. What should I do?
~Torn & Tormented

Dear T. & T.,
You have gotten yourself into quite the situation. I think you should just keep both relationships going for a while. Your new love needs some testing in my opinion and your existing love may want to move on to a different kind of life in the upcoming year. Don't make a decision right now. Just remain tormented for another six months and see what happens.

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