Thursday, April 11, 2013

Men's Fashion: Armani carryall bag, fancy sandals for summer & aprons?

This week is about men's accessories, both pro and a little con. Here goes:

1. I'm not too big on men with big carryall bags but I thought this Armani bag could be find if you are quite soberly dressed with. I kind of think gray, white and black are the best colors for spring. Make you stand out.

2. I am not too big on fancy sandals for men either but I though these ones from Kenzo were masculine and excellent. I would like a pair. Let's hope somebody copies them.

3. I know summer approaches but this big overcoat hangs in my memory. If you run across one on sale, grab it. They will be very much in view next winter.

4. This skirt thing with the drape in back I don't get at all. The longer and longer shirt is obviously creeping in from the Near East where men wear a shirt that is really dress length and loose pants under under it. This can look good but it is very much ethnic dressing. This kind of apron and towel effect does nothing for anyone unless you're planning to sit down on unclean things. Are you?

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