Thursday, March 17, 2011

Was George Washington Gay?

I just finished a biography of George Washington. He married Martha when he was 24, I think largely because she was very wealthy. A widow with two small children. The author, Ron Chernow, doesn't want to really come out and say anything but he quotes people who saw George Washington with his staff, usually young good-looking men. One observer said of Washington's attachment to an assistant David Humphries, "He loved him as much as any man ever loved a woman." I leave it with you. He supposedly was in love with General LaFayette, also (who came from France when he was 24).

1. What do you do when the man seated next to you at the dinner table keeps groping you and you don't want him to?
You turn to him and say politely,"Excuse me, am I in your way?"

2. What do you say to some man who insists that he must go to bed with you?
You turn to him politely and say,"You don't want to sleep with me. I'm terrible. I hardly move. Ask anybody."

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