Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your Dreams

Dear David,
I'm beginning to think I will never accomplish my dreams.

Dear Better Than,
Oh, come off it. What did you dream? The usual American stuff? A handsome man, children, a kitchen in the suburbs. All you have to do is look around you and you know that dream is usually a nightmare.

Personalize your dreams. Pick one thing. You want to live in Paris? You want to be a dress designer? You want to live in Miami Beach? (That's the easy one.)

Make your dreams something accomplishable and very specific. Paris? Start studying French. Go to work for a company with international branches. Once you have a clear goal it is just a matter of figuring out how to get there.

Want to write a book? If you just write a page a day you'll have it in about six months. Someone asked me, "When do you know your book is done?" I said, "When I have 250 pages." Just write a page a day and organize it later. Do NOT criticize yourself or let anyone else read it until you're done. You can self-publish rather inexpensively. We are in a new age. Everyone is a publishing house in and of themselves.

Dream of being taller? Wear cowboy boots.

Pursue your realistic dreams. You may not get there but you will get somewhere very interesting.


Speaking of dreams ~ my vocal coach, the terrific singer David Kingery told me last week that he has a new business. He calls the business "The Cake Singer" where he makes gorgeous cakes, delivers the cake and sings to you at festivities such as: birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, small weddings, engagements etc. He can do cakes for functions up to 20-25 people.

The songs can be customized to fit any occasion with special lyrics for the special occasion. Any genre, any song = G rated to Naughty! The cakes also come in many unique flavors.

Please contact David Kingery, "The Cake Singer" by phone: 786-525-9983 or email:

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